If this were a PDT incident …….

Bickering with and insulting the press isn’t new. How Biden’s hot mic moment fits into presidential history

WASHINGTON – American presidents live in a big white house that is often filled with reporters, cameras and microphones.

There’s always going to be some tension.

Sometimes it spills out into the public, as happened Monday when President Joe Biden labeled Fox News’ Peter Doocy as a son-of-a-bitch

David Jackson USA Today – excuse maker


Some destitute out of work republican is standing at a teller’s window in a bank with a AK47 sticking up the place. One of the Democrats in line comment to a customer behind him; look at the thieving son of a bitch holding up this bank.

Next day same scenario; different bank, same people in the bank line. Democrat has a 45 pistol stuck in the tellers mouth and demanding the money. Democratic response to the person next to him; look at how nice Charlie playing with the lady.

Being that Kamikaze Joe was caught on a hot mic swearing his ass off, which is not unusual, some liberal reporter makes excuses for him that this is a common practice with all of the former presidents. He is absolutely right.

If it were PDT caught under similar circumstances, the press would have had him lynched already.

Let’s face it folks; anyone that thinks the people that have sat in THE BIG CHAIR are Lily white souls, think again.

Personally, I think vulgarity used in the right context it’s very exacting, eye opening, therapeutic and appropriate. It is something like a shock factor to the listener or the reader. It helps them open their eyes to reality.

Although I do agree, in some circumstances it can be overdone.

Lighten up Davy Boy.

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