Just the tip of the ice pick ……

Michael Rapaport films alleged shoplifter in NYC: ‘It’s pathetic’

Rapaport blamed ex-Mayor Bill de Blasio for city’s crime issues

“This fuckin guy just filled his two bags up with everything in Rite Aid, right here on 80th [Street] and First Avenue, is walking down the street like shit is Gucci. Looking me in my face like, ‘what’s good?’ I was watching him the whole time,” he added.

People – people; what we are seeing is just the tip of the ice pick. All because of some idiotic far left mothers that has their heads so far up their ass they could never see the light of day.

How can so few radical far-lefters fuck up a country so bad as they have and the law abiding citizens are forced to take it or leave it.

Because of mentally crippled son-of-a-bitches is like Warren Wilhelm  (AKA Bill deblasio) The entire country is suffering and it is only getting worse if a lid is not put on it immediately.

As we can see by the recent criminal activity; the imbeciles like the DeBlasio are giving the criminals a green light to do what they want, how they want, and when they want, with little to no consequences,  Is it even possible that these mentally deficient idiots truly believe in their cause?? I find their actions are so absurd, they are completely off the charts and nothing less than total insanity.

The only way to curtail/control criminal activities; using the vernacular criminal understands. By (popping a cap off in their ass) is the only way to prevent crimes like this. As long as these bold brazen bastards know they will not be penalized for their criminal activities, these types of crimes will only escalate.

The people like the Warren (Di blasio) are beyond stupidity. While they are secure and very cozy in their little hideaways on top of knob hill protected by private security, they could give a shit what is going on in the streets below them.

When will the population ever come to their senses and quit electing these imbeciles. There is absolutely no way any society can’t function under circumstances like this.

Pay me now or much more later  …. later has arrived

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