You can take the kid out of Scranton PA but …..

Why Biden’s ‘son of a bitch’ moment is nothing like Trump’s attacks on reporters

Analysis by Chris Cillizza, CNN Editor-at-large

Why is it, whenever Kamikaze Joe F’s up; (that is almost every day) there has be a comparison made between him and Donald Trump made by some fool.

In my opinion; the only thing that matters to me (as should be the rest of the country) is what kind of patriot either one of those men are/were. Donald Trump, may have his own egotistical reasons for being a staunch patriot, but whatever his motive was, he has proven it time and time again.

On the other hand; by his unexplainable/disastrous actions, K J puts the hammer to the USA with every stroke of his pen. Then he has the nerve to criticize PDT for his unfounded behavior.

You can take the kid out of Scranton PA but you can’t take the Scranton Pa out of the kid. Just a cliche folks. I’m sure he is not an example of the rest you good people!!

If any of the far lefters believe that son of a bitch is the worst thing that Kamikaze Joe let slip through his lips, you are sorely mistaken. He has a vocabulary MAYBE worse than mine, that puts a longshoreman to shame.

It is not really the issue and how vulgarity is used, the main focus should be on WHY it is used. I like to think that my vulgarity is chosen very well and I use it as an adjective in most cases.

You cannot put a silk suit on hog. K J Is probably rougher around the edges then most people I know.

Message to K J: Joe Buddy, look in your own closet before breaking anyone else balls.

Respectfully submitted.

Cillizzia, take a hike.

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