Like Rock and roll, it is here to stay!!!

Washington state reports two cases of omicron subvariant

It’s unclear if the new subvariant is more or less transmissible and lethal than the original omicron

Folks just like rock and roll it is here to stay, it will never die, it was meant to be that way, although I don’t know why…..

The same old song will be played over and over for decades if the entire population of the world does not get the first 3 shots, and wearing masks where necessary.

It is my belief; because of the obstinate people that don’t want to conform, these new variants will keep be popping up. As one is partially defeated other one will be born and gaining strength.

It really doesn’t make sense to me they’re only what portion of the worlds population is willing to get at least the first three shots (initial 2 and the booster) just for the benefit of the doubt. I will agree that anymore than the first three are probably just scare tactics, lip service, and gigantic money makers for the big boys.

It is a rotten shame that we have to live in a time and age where our shepherds are so deceitful, thieving and untrustworthy that we cannot rely on anything they say.

My position has always been to cooperate (not the government) for the sake of the rest of mankind and view the first three shots as an insurance policy; getting them, hoping we never have to use them.

I would feel horrible, if because of my stupidity I did not get the shots and other people were infected and died as a result.

If this road map is not followed thoroughly by everyone, I have no doubt in my mind, the variants will continue popping up one after another. And like ROCK AND ROLL ……

When the gladiator is in combat having their adversary on the ground pleading  for his life; he was not satisfied that he wounded the enemy that was trying to kill him, his only recourse was to complete his task would be killing him so he was never a threat again. NEVER DO THE JOB HALF WAY.

USMC – East 110th Woodland – Martial Arts mentality: After you’re sure you have defeated your adversary, while he is laying on the ground; kick him in the face a few times to make sure the job is complete. Never take anything to chance.

I will label all of the nay saying first 3’ers, the ones that refused to get the shots, very foolish and self-centered people. Why do we do what we do as good parents when we are raising kids, naturally to set a good example for them and hope when it’s their turn that they follow the same guidelines. By refusing to get the shots the first 3’ers are sending the wrong message and only putting the rest of the world at risk.

Most important message; we are all in this together. Unless we pull  in the same direction we will be like a cat on a linoleum floor running his ass off but going nowhere.

cat running away cartoon - Clip Art Library

Wanna do the right thing??? Don’t be one of the 1st – 3ers. God hates a coward!!!

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