Elizabeth baby I’m having the big one ..

Brian Williams turns down CBS News’ attempt to recruit him for the ‘Evening News’


Brian Williams controversy: What led to the NBC anchor’s suspension

Back a few years ago, the suspension came afterward Williams made some exaggerated/false statements about his participation in the war in Iraq. In an attempt to boost his credentials as a news man by putting himself in danger.

After a week of increasing controversy surrounding Williams’ repeated assertions over the years that he was on a Chinook helicopter that drew ground fire during the Iraq invasion in 2003. After several military personnel took issue with Williams’ recounting of events, he took back his story and apologized. But that did little to quell the buzz surrounding the newsman’s status in the organization.

It is just human nature to bullshit once in a while to get attention, but when your story telling robs/deprives other people of the credit/acknowledgement they have due to them, that makes the matter a lot more serious. Exactly what happened in Williams case.

I knew a guy years ago who’s one hell of a guy. We will call him Big Tony. Big Tony would literally give you the shirt off of his back, but 10 minutes later would steal from you when you weren’t looking. I definitely can write an entire book on this guy and his antics. His biggest hang up was a compulsive bullshitter and a convincing one at that. Big Tony had so much bullshit in him; if bullshit was electricity he could power half of the United States.

The real crazy part about it is, when something legitimately did it happen he would never mention it. One time some guy was messing with his sister in a restaurant she worked in, she came home and told him about it, the next morning he went to the restaurant pick this guy up and throw him right through a very large plate glass window. That story we never heard about until someone else told us

Just to get attention Big Tony would fake heart attacks and all their illnesses now and then just to get attention. I don’t know how many times he hit the ground, naturally picking his landing area carefully so he didn’t get hurt, faking heart attacks.

We all know what the moral of this story; the day did come when Big Tony did have (like Redd Foxx would say, THE BIG ONE), nobody paid attention to him and he nearly died.

The moral of the story be careful of how much you bullshit; sooner then later, THE MAN may buy your WOLF TICKETS.

I don’t know if Brian should get a another chance; once a bullshitter always a bullshitter. At the time his little white lies did not harm anyone, but they certainly could have developed into something more serious.

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