Like shoveling shit into the wind …..

Biden weighs sending US troops to counter Russia as NATO sends powerful message to Putin

Sending troops to Ukraine will be like shoveling shit into the wind; it is just going to blow back in our face.

I think based on all circumstances involved;  with the might of the Russian government considered, the no nonsense personality of the Judo Guy, it would be in the best interest of the United States to use diplomatic strategy instead of trying to use scare tactics with Putin. The man does not scare easily or at all. Sending troops to the Ukraine?? Does anyone but K J think that will make a difference.

The only other option that I much rather see beside diplomacy; for The United Nations to get involved; where there is strength in numbers. The USA going it alone it’s definitely not the answer. I think it is an absolute must for all the countries signatory to the United Nations unite in their effort to squelch what the Judo Guy has going.

For the USA alone to send any troops to the Ukraine; we will be laying down the gauntlet and calling ass on Putin. The strategy has to be in force and numbers to make any impression on Russia. 

Don’t you think that China is not keeping a good eye on this as well.

It is no secret Russia, China and the rest of the world know exactly how weak the United States is with the pathetic son of a bitch we have in office now. I really hate to be so dramatic, but I cannot put in print what I truly feel about this guy and how he has destroyed the USA.

Even more pathetic; all of his activities have been ego driven and for himself and the puppeteers that put him in office. Kamikaze Joe has no regard for any of the citizens of this country. If he did, he absolutely would not be dropping the ball at every turn.

What will be the United States destiny, nobody really knows. My intuition tells me; if things that are not handled properly with unity strength and diplomacy, it will not be a pretty picture.

Let’s face it; no one can tell me that Putin does not have a gigantic hard on for Kamikaze Joe when calling him a killer several  times.

Russia reacts angrily after Biden calls Putin a ‘killer’ – CNN › 2021/03/18 › europe › biden-puti…

Mar 18, 2021 — The Kremlin has reacted angrily to US President Joe Biden’s remarks that Russian leader Vladimir Putin is “a killer,” calling the comment ...

Payback’s gotta be a bitch. It’s a shame that the rest of the country his to suffer from this man’s ignorance.

To put the icing on the cake; this fool had nerve enough to tell XI that he was not a friend of his. Even if it is true, certain things are better off not  spoken for the sake of the masses

Biden says he and Xi are ‘not old friends’ | Daily Mail Online › news › article-9694445

Jun 16, 2021 — President Joe Biden pushed back on the assertion that he was on friendly terms with Chinese President Xi Jinping during Wednesday’s press …

Folks once again; I hate to be so nasty, but this guy is an unadulterated fuckin idiot. Where does he get his balls from???

Can anyone be more pathetic then him?? I really doubt it. His ignorance and super arrogant ego has cause the United States monumental headaches and I don’t see the end of it.

Like so many of my premonitions I put in ink; I HOPE I AM WRONG.

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