Cannot be the bankbook/policeman for the world …

Russia’s purported plan to install pro-Kremlin leadership in Ukraine ‘deeply concerning,‘ White House says

The Ukrainian people have the sovereign right to determine their own future, a U.S. official told Fox News. The quoted US official is absolutely right, but the question is, how should that impact The United States??

The real question is, how far do our leaders (whomever they are, is not very clear) intend to take their deeply concerned??

As horrible as things are politically and financially in our country, I don’t think that we have a clear understanding of who is really running the country and who is the decision maker. That fact alone puts us in a very big strain on the country and put us in a precarious position throughout the world.

We have a incredibly inept fool at the helm that is completely incompetent; lost 1/2 of his marbles (if he had any to start with) to the extent that his puppeteers do not want him to make anymore televised speeches because it demonstrates just how bad off his mental capacity is; so they are putting him on a traveling circuit to try to keep him out of the limelight because of all the blunders he makes.

To make matters much much worse; the United States is up to which neck in an alligator pit; having this incompetent fool as our leader really adds gasoline to the already raging forest fire. When do you attack your enemy?? Naturally in his weakest state.

I would hope that our government officials (whomever they are, not very clear these days) would have sense enough to fortify our own country financially and physically and NOT get involved in yet other countries centuries old problems.

The USA it’s in very bad shape in so many areas that we cannot afford to financially or physically get involved in someone else problems. If we forced get involved, I would only consider it is if we are part of a contingency like NATO where unity is strength. To go it alone, participation at any level is out of the question financially or physically we would only be adding more nails already nearly sealed coffin.

I think the time has long passed for the United States being the policeman/bankbook for the world. It would make the bleeding a lot less intense if in one of these wars we would come out the victor. That does not happen.

If circumstances were different and we can come away with a W, the pain and suffering would be much more tolerable. With that W in the WIN column we also should be receiving some financial compensation for all of our losses. That has never been the case.

Over the past couple few decades the USA has squandered trillions of dollars other countries wars, Wars that we had no business getting into; only to come away, beat up, bruised, used and abused with our tails between our legs; most recent was the Afghanistan fiasco that was a total disgrace and an embarrassment to the United States with a monumental headache that will NEVER go away, and debt we will never recover from.

At the very least, if we did come out on top (a victory) and walked away with the spoils; something to show for our efforts/involvement, it would help ease the pain. We are the only country in the world that bombs the shit out of our enemies, blows their country to smithereens, builds them back up, rearm them when we leave humiliated, leaving trillions of dollars of arms abandon, so at a future date, they can use the weapons we left behind against us; adding insult to injury.

It is very sad to say that we have very powerful war mongers like Dick Cheney who promote wars for their own personal gain. They have a vested interest in the companies that manufacture war material or construction companies and that’s supply security. They are making trillions of dollars every time the United States gets involved in, what they like to call (for the sake of face) a police action. BULLSHIT – I don’t care what how they want to label it; a war is a war is a war!!

It is very disheartening to see our country has become captivated and controlled by so few that have so much. For many years, it has been a fact that money equals power and money is in control. But in recent years, with all the trillionaires popping out of the woodwork, abuse of power seems to have become more prevalent. They can not buy off the parasite politicians fast enough. When is enough enough for these fools?? The little guy is just a pawn in their gigantic chess game.

My heart bleeds for every country/person in the world that are controlled by a dictator, every person in the world  that is suffering from poverty, the lack of the basic necessities in life. This sad scenario has been played over and over again for centuries and regardless of what anyone does it is not going to change or alter the situations. As a matter of fact, many of the countries that we attempted to assist in redevelopment are in a lot worse condition when we pulled out then when we illegally invaded.

I would be the first one to say that we SHOULD get involved in other countries affairs if in fact we can make a difference. But we NEVER have. At the end of the day; in most cases (Afghanistan), the country is worse off after we leave than when we got there. Is that by design or what?? I haven’t been able to figure that out??

On the other side of the coin; take a look at a countries like Japan and Vietnam who are living in the highest level of success/standards after being bombed into oblivion. They turned their sour lemons into lemonade. They put the United States to shame.

The corruption and cronyism in the United States are absolutely the reasons why our country has failed as it has. At the end of the day, regardless of what party a politician is in, they defend and cover up for each-other to the hilt. Their biggest concern is, if one of their constituents are exposed, they will drag them down with them as well.

I doubt if the time will ever come when The United States wakes up to the fact that charity begins at home and start taking care of our own before others.

As I said so many times; the conflicts in these countries have been going on for centuries and are never going to end anytime soon regardless of what we do. The only thing that we’re doing by getting involved it’s making war mongers like the Cheney and his cronies a lot wealthier.

A smart person does not empty their bank account – take all the food out of their refrigerator – sell their house and their car and give it to their next door neighbor when there are own family is starving and destitute. In a nutshell; that is what The United States MO (modus operandi) is. Stupidity at its highest level. TAKE CARE OF YOUR OWN FIRST.

Whoever is running this country (questionable) better put their nose to the grindstone and understand just how dire conditions are. Because of their incompetent leadership, we are on the verge of many issues that can turn disastrous if not handled properly. I think we may be partway there.

Just like the almighty Roman Empire fell, so goes the destiny of the United States if we continue on this course of neglect and mismanagement.

  • Invasions by Barbarian tribes. … ILLEGALS
  • Economic troubles and overreliance on slave labor. … MISMANAGEMENT
  • The rise of the Eastern Empire. … OTHER EMPIRES THRIVING
  • Overexpansion and military overspending. … CUTTING OUR MILITARY MIGHT
  • Government corruption and political instability. … CROOKED POLITICIANS
  • The arrival of the Huns and the migration of the Barbarian tribes. ILLEGALS
  • Christianity and the loss of traditional values .. LOSS OF OLD SCHOOL VALUES
  • Weakening of the Roman legions ,,, DEPLETING MILITRAY STRENGTH


Take a good look at the 8 reasons; compare them to the conditions in our country today. They are so close in comparison it is frightening.

How can any government official see the handwriting on the wall and ignore and camouflage the conditions the USA is in, is way beyond me.

As Biden admin dodges questions on US troop deployment, NATO sends a message to Putin

As Biden admin dodges questions on US troop deployment, NATO sends a message to Putin
Kamikaze Joe better be praying, that maybe all he has

When his puppeteers bought his way into the Casa Bianca, did they ever imagine that conditions could get as bad as they are now?? If precautionary measures are not taken; in my opinion they are going to get a lot worse.

UPDATE TODAYS NEWS: Think we should take conditions serious???

State Department issues ‘do not travel’ warning for Ukraine as embassy staff is told to leave

The State Department cited the threat of Russian military action

You can bet your sweet ass, if Donald Trump was sitting in THE BIG CHAIR, none of this would exist.

Even more incredible/PATHETIC; the handwriting was on the wall before the election and that fool still got voted in; ORRR; possibly stole the election. You get what you pay for folks

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