Gornudoo …..

There is an old slaying in Italian; (not sure exactly how to spell it); it is pronounced gornudoo. It has a very simple meaning that most old school Italian people are familiar with.

MEANING: Your wife is screwing everybody in the neighborhood and you’re the only one that doesn’t know it. 80% of the population in the USA knows what foul balls K J and his boss Carm are, but them. They both suffer from a good case of (DPG) Delusional Political Gornudoo.

Biden’s cheerful confidence in Harris comes just days after he suggested he will run for reelection in 2024 and that Harris would, once again, serve as his running mate.

“She’s going to be my running mate,” Biden told reporters on Wednesday when he was asked if he could commit to Harris being his 2024 running mate. “I think she’s doing a good job.”

GMAFB K J. A good percentage of her staff is walking out on her – rating numbers are in the basement ’cause she is such a bitch, and Kamikaze Joe is complementing her, praising her and making your declaration of love. GMAFB!!!

It’s a good thing that these two fools have this admiration society game built up between the two of them; because they are the very few that sees their piss poor performances as successful. Look at the numbers folks.

I don’t think that there’s ever been such a wack-job team in the history of American politics. They have a motto they live by; you will tell the lie and I will swear to it.

Old Car-mella better watch herself; K J has always started out his misbehavior on women with innuendos and sleezy tactics by first complimenting them.

Joe Biden’s behavior with girls and women draws scrutiny – Voxhttps://www.vox.com › joe-biden-10-year-old-hyde-wo…

Jun 13, 2019 — Biden’s recent comments recall a long history with girls and women. Biden has long been known for touching and standing close to women, earning …

With all of the other upper crust politicians and celebrities that have gone to the gallows because of their improprieties with women, KJ has dodged the bullet; which leads me to ask the question, will he ever pay for getting out of line??

I would say the chances of K J being held accountable are little to none, especially while he’s sitting in The Big Chair. There has been many many recorded incidents where he was out of line with the ladies. The allegations have been swept under the rug. The man has a golden horse shoe planted where the sun does not shine.

Back to Carm-ella and the love affair: A good percentage of her staff is walking out on her – rating numbers are in the basement ’cause she is such a bitch, and K J is complementing her, praising her and making a declaration of love.

For the first six months she was in office; she literally told K J to  kiss her ass/ F-off every time he gave her an assignment.

Even with direct orders coming from the president of the United States it took Car-mella 93 days to visit the wall. That was supposed to be her baby. Essentially; as the Canadians would say, she told the bloke to bugger off.

Kamala Harris has gone 93 days without visit to border since …https://www.foxnews.com › politics › kamala-harris-no-pr…

Mar 31, 2021 — Vice President Kamala Harris has gone 93 days since being tapped by President Joe Biden to be his point person on the migrant surge at the ..

As we all can readily see; when she finally did make her pilgrimage to the wall it had little to no meaning whatsoever. As she is a token, it was a token visit for the cameras and all the fools that think she is doing a great job.

Carm; keep both eyes open; with K J it all starts with a squeeze – a pinch, then a hug. First it is an inch, then a foot, a yard, then it is a mile. His Public declaration of I LOVE YOU may get pretty serious.

You know how guys with dementia are; when the shit hits the fan they can say I don’t remember anything. What an easy out

Carm; Keep your eye on the hog and your finger on the trigger.

AXE Hillary: If K J is bold enough to embrace Crooked Hillary Clinton as he did in broad daylight, in front of Secret Service agents, on the tarmac of an airport; I would not put anything past him. Getting this up close and personal, it is called GRINDING. CHC is not resisting at all.

Try to bullshit me that this does not go way beyond friendship – CHC is sucking it up

CHC maybe trying to get even with Wild Bill.


Ladies and gents; the only reason we have not seen more of K J’S off color antics lately,  is because he is forced to stay in line. Do not despair; Hunter is carrying the ball for the old man.

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