There can only be one final solution/answer/ruling ….

USA Swimming releases statement on transgender athlete policy

USA Swimming says it has been ‘proactively working with FINA for several months to help shape and support their policy development efforts’

There can only be one final solution/answer that is fair to all of the natural born individuals participating in any sports. ABSOLUTELY NOT; no transgenders!!

What is the end game here?? Is it too try to pacify/satisfy a very few individuals who decided they did not like sex they were born to?? Or should it be fair to the normal/natural born people that have worked very hard their entire lives to achieve success they have in a particular event, be forced to give the advantage a person that is not playing on a even field.

I say to go for door number 2. that is the only proper and fair process to proceed with this.

As crazy as it may sound so many of these individuals get involved in transgender activities because they know; the physical tools they were born, they do not have the ability to deal/compete with people of their own sex.

Even one of the most well known popular transgender people, Bruce/Katlyn Jenner, at one time was the most celebrated male athlete on the planet agrees; transgender men competing in women sporting events let’s totally lopsided.

WTF can argue with that

Is there any fool on this planet that would NOT give Jenner the upper hand in a competition?? If yes, that fool is a real fool!! Did I say FOOL!!!

SUGGESTION: #Commonsense folks, the element I ALWAYS try to us in my problem solving: What I would suggest; if #transgenders are so #determined to #compete in #sports; they should #organize a #strictly #transgender #athletic #division where they compete against one another. What can be more fair than that??

The most important element in any sporting activities is; basically all contestants have an equal chance of winning. In women’s competition where transgenders are allowed to participate that equal chance is lost.

It is about time our society quits bending over for every special interest group that comes down the Pike. It is not healthy. Allow Nature to be natural!!

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