In how many different ways can incompetency be denied covered up or excused ???

Ukraine, midterms and Build Back Better: White House plays cleanup after Biden’s marathon press conference

Biden’s press conference left the White House issuing statements and fielding questions. Here’s a breakdown of what Biden said, the backlash (or confusion) and how the White House addressed it.

In how many different ways can incompetency be denied covered up or excused ??? I would think by this time, K J’s puppeteers are running out of excuses.

As the old Italian saying goes; if you want to jump off of a Cliff and kill yourself, don’t try to drag me with you (se vuoi saltare da una scogliera e ucciderti, non provare a trascinarmi con te); I don’t know if it can be put in more simple terms.

Maybe KJ should ask his Italian wife to translate that to him.


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