Maybe some of them finally WOKE up …..

#Progressive #prosecutors #blasted as #homicide numbers climb in Los Angeles, other #left-wing cities

LA women Brianna Kupfer and Sandra Shells were killed in separate attacks attributed to homeless men in the city last week

Brianna Kupfer was a 24-year-old UCLA graduate student working at the Croft House, a luxury furniture store in Los Angeles.

The policies of progressive district attorneys in Los Angeles and elsewhere around the country are failing their own communities, according to the L.A. County prosecutor who led the Gabriel Fernandez case in 2014.

Brianna Kupfer seen above was at work Thursday at the Croft House, an upscale furniture store on North La Brea Avenue, when the suspect, who the LAPD later identified as 31-year-old Shawn Laval Walker, walked in and stabbed her to death. Investigators called it a “random act” at a news briefing Tuesday.

After a homeless man allegedly knifed a 24-year-old California grad student to death in a furniture store — and another one allegedly killed a 70-year-old woman at a Los Angeles bus stop last week — Jon Hatami says voters need to pay closer attention to D.A. races in their communities and choose more qualified candidates.

Permissive – permissive- permissive, it just does not cut it. It is the biggest driver behind the escalation in the crime. In essence the legal community is rewarding the criminals by not punishing them appropriately. what we are seeing is the end result. Pretty huh???

Let’s take any organization in the world that would allow their employees to do what they wanted, how do you wanted and when they want without any structure; how long do we think the company would last.

This may not be the greatest example in the world but it clearly shows that you need and today from society has to have structures rules and regulations and accountability for the people that occupy that space.

It is obvious that the permissiveness extended by the lawmakers is chipping away at the safety and security of our society. Putting it bluntly, they are too fuckin stupid to see the forest and kind of the trees.

This is what is happening to the United States. The longer these conditions exist, the more prevalent they will become.

Los Angeles police are looking for Shawn Laval Smith, 31, in connection with the stabbing death of 24-year-old UCLA grad student Brianna Kupfer.
This animal belongs in a cage or sitting on Old Sparky – lets go for door #2.

Because of the relaxed laws on the books in LA, the homicide rate is compared to 2019 is up over 50%,” he said. “The homicide rate in L.A. County compared to 2019 is up over 90%, and we’re at a 15-year-high in homicides.

Evidently; this surge in the crime rate is not enough for these imbecile lawmakers to recognize the decisions they are making are not cutting it.

I always love to ask these twisted fools; what if one of the victims was a family member or a good friend, would they still maintain that permissive ideology?? It seems an impossibility for them to see any downside to their poor decision making. .

Once again quoting doctor Dr. Phil McGraw; how is what you’re doing so far working out for you ??

Many of these incredibly stupid people of authority/politicians fail to realize what their primary obligation is as servants of the people. It certainly is not to satisfy or sanction their own personal desires/beliefs, but the overall picture should primarily be; what is right for their entire population.

I would suggest that they take a good look around and realized that what they’re doing is only being super disruptive to our society. If there mentality and conditions do not change it won’t be too long before the monster they created will become too big to kill.

A word to the wise – I did say a word to the wise – I said a word to the wise should be sufficient. That must be where the problem lies – I did say a word to the wise.

To the person with average intelligence, it is almost impossible to wrap our heads around what drives these pathetic politicians and some of the ignoramus decisions they make?? They just do not make sense. If in fact their methodology was working in reverse and cutting the crime rate, I would be the first one to vote for them again. That is not the case.

WOKE my ass – the key words are WAKE TFU.

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