As much as I dislike the fool …….

CNN’s Don Lemon rails against unvaccinated ‘idiots’: ‘We have to start doing things for the greater good’

Lemon praised Australia for deporting unvaccinated tennis star Novak Djokovic

Anyone that reads my blog has to know I have little to no respect for that fruitcake Donnie Lemonade. The guy is an absolute disgrace to himself and his community, based on some of his radical views/opinions and stances on life.

The one example of his hypocrisy that is most prevalent in my mind is his dislike for white men, BUTT the fool is married to a white guy. I wonder if Donnie told Timmy he hates him??

I don’t have a problem with gay people, I do recognize what a rough existence they have at times. But to profess your disdain for white people while you’re married to one, to me is extremely hypocritical.

Don Lemon doubles down after calling white men ‘biggest … › 2018/10/31 › cnn-h…

Nov 1, 2018 — During a recent segment about a supermarket shooting in Kentucky, CNN host Don Lemon said that “the biggest terror threat in this country is …

When someone is right, regardless of our other feelings for them, we have to acknowledge their common sensed opinions (he has very few if any) as well as chastising their nonsensical.

Like  Lemonade, I do agree that the people who have not received their shots are very foolish. But I hate to use the term idiots (I will just call them foolish); I reserve that for the politicians that are destroying this country. K J ring a bell??

My only question to the naysayers is WHY. What is the reason they refuse to get the shots?? Is it fear of needles – is it they do not like the government telling them what to do – is it because they just want to be part of a social happening – is it they assume that the vaccine may be tainted with another killing virus. There are a lot of WHY’s to be answered.

The reason I got all three of my shots was not to satisfy the government or any other foul-ball organization. I did it as an insurance policy and for the betterment of mankind hoping that my contribution would make a difference.

This may be the one and only time that I do agree with Donnie Lemonade. He was just too radical for my liking. I will give anyone credit if deserve it and on the flip side will admonish them if necessary.

As far as the idiot thing goes, I would say that Donnie is first in line.

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