Not a zebra – it is a Black Horse with white stripes …

Michael Phelps says controversy surrounding Lia Thomas is ‘very complicated,’ calls for level playing field

Phelps said that athletes should be able to feel comfortable in their own skin, but sports should be played on an ‘even playing field’

Mikey Boy; life can only get as complicated as one wants it to. Nothing complicated here.

Michael Phelps it was being too polite and too kind, trying to walk on eggs to make sure he doesn’t ruffle any feathers. I don’t have to worry about that.

What we were dealing with is a very large group of illogical people with no common sense when it comes to what is right and what is wrong. What should be commonsense to them, they missed the boat.

We say white – they say black, we say fat – they say skinny, we say a man – they say a woman. There does not seem to be any logical middle ground with these people.

Michael Phelps it was being too polite and too kind, trying to walk on eggs to make sure he doesn’t ruffle any feathers. at some point in time we ALL have to take a position on what is natural and what is not.

Michael Phelps reacted to the growing debate surrounding University of Pennsylvania transgender swimmer Lia Thomas, calling the issue "very complicated" during an appearance on CNN last week
Lisa makes Michael look like he just got out of a concentration camp

Ladies and gents, I don’t care what this person calls herself/himself, gender wise, he is a man with boobs and maybe a vagina. I don’t know if he went the whole route yet??

I do not object to a person doing to their body what they feel is right. That should be their decision. What I do object to is them trying to force feed us into their ideologies.

For all o the religious people in this world they should remember the very old saying; if God wanted her to have tits, she would have been born that way .

Who really knows what goes through the mind of some of these people?? They may be so obsessed with winning. Possibly they feel they cannot compete against people of the same sex and win in a competition. Possibly they get a sex change or go transgender just so they can hang a few gold medals around their neck. There are some very twisted people in this world.

Lisa knows down deep inside of that swim suit she wears, that she is competing unfairly, BUTT does not what to admit it. I am sure that it bothers the average/normal female to dress and undress in a locker room where these transgenders are present. Where the hell are their rights??

My old man told me many years ago; never date a woman that could bench press more than you!!

Pin on clothes
Pardon me – male or female???

I say it is perfectly acceptable to choose whatever lifestyle we want. At the same time I also believe we should not infringe other people’s lives because of our peculiarities. Gotta go by what that birth certificate says. 

Meaning of the word birth certificate – just as indicated – certifies what gender the person is born.

No one is asking them not to live their lives as they fit;  BUTT other people in this world also have rights.

Most of these politically correct people need to be psychoanalyzed. They really cannot believe that’s some of the absurdities they come up with are legitimate.

This is not a zebra; it only looks like one.  In reality it is a Black Horse with white stripes that hates to be ridden.  Yeah folks, that is just about as ridiculous as they PC-ers are.

These loosely thinking people probably never stopped to realize (or maybe they did) that is much as they feel they are being discriminated against; the opposite applies to them. By their ignorance they are definitely infringing on the normal/average persons lives.

If it looks like a goat, runs like a goat, smells like a goat, makes noise like a goat, it sure as hell is not a cow.

cow - Wiktionary

Can anyone tell the difference??? It is the udder one.

I cannot help but wonder; if the officials that are supporting this transgender movement were to compete in sporting competitions, would they have the same mindset?? I don’t think so.

I am sure that it bothers the average/normal female to dress and undress in the same locker room with the transgenders are present. Where the hell are their rights??

Folks you have to stand up against these radicals; they are trying to rewrite science and history what they’re off the wall ideologies.

Weightlifter Laurel Hubbard first trans athlete to compete at Olympics -  Axios
Another good example – think she is a true she???
Buying land in central FL -
PRIME – get it while it is hot!!

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