The fool signed his own death warrant ….

University Michigan president sent subordinate ‘sexual fantasies’ article, violating policy he crafted: docs

Schlissel helped implement the rules that ultimately caused his removal

The fool signed his own death warrant

Zero-tolerance rule university president crafted came back to bite him

Schlissel played a direct role in implementing the rules that ultimately caused his removal, THUS SIGNING HIS OWN DEATH WARRENT. At a Board of Regents meeting in July, Schlissel said there would be zero tolerance for someone in a leadership position to “solicit a personal or romantic relationship with someone they have a supervisory authority or career influence over.” 

When will these fools ever learn they cannot beat the system. Especially with the presence of cell phones, cameras, and the electronic messaging. Guys like this #JACK-OFF are supposed to be in the upper echelon of intelligent people, but as it looks they’re not as smart as they think. Once it is recorded or down in black and white; it is #written-in-stone.

Schlissel had a base salary of $927,000 a year. That is a hell of kick in the nuts having to accept for being a over-sexed old pervert. From 927,000.00$ to zero in one swipe of the pen, gotta hurt. Very costly mistake for a few seconds of self-gratification.

The pain would have been a lot less severe if the horny toad would have just locked himself in a toilet stall, put his foot on the door to keep intruders out and took care of his own business.


927,000.00$ WOW!!! That sure could have bought him a lot of porn.

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