#Payback can be a #BITCH – #Charlie #Stupid, again ……

Beijing locks down office building with workers still inside after single Omicron case detected

 Charlie Chan the monster created the bigger monster; now  that monster has  come back to gobble him and his good people up.

Mao Zedong declares the founding of the modern People's Republic of China, October 1, 1949. Photo Credit

I did a post yesterday on the Chinese leader Mao Tse-tung in 1958 directing that all the sparrows in China be killed. Some say that the Sparrow fatality was up in a neighborhood of 78 million birds killed. The reason he had him killed it’s because the sparrows were eating all the grain in the fields.

K J has #killed too many #Sparrows ………

Posted on 01/16/2022 by The Goomba Gazette

I put both of the fools on the same stupidity level – K J and Charlie Chan

Call it lack of wisdom or stupidity (I go for door # 2) he did not realize that the sparrow population controlled the growth of the locust. When he killed all the sparrows, the locust took over eating 100 times more grain than the sparrows did and caused one of the biggest natural disasters in human history.

It seems that the Chinese leaders have not learned the lesson and continue to tamper with Mother Nature. BIG F-IN MISTAKE!!! It is too bad the rest of the world has to suffer unkind of them.

We have all heard the old cliche about history repeating itself. Possibly there is no Chinese translation. I will try to assist (历史总是重演).

I feel horrible for the good Chinese people that they have to live under such a perverted dictatorship that have no regard for human life including their own people.

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Tree Sparrow

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