K J has #killed too many #Sparrows ………

Trump, in Arizona, says Biden more destructive ‘than 5 presidents put together’

Trump pointed out what he described as President Biden’s mishandling of the southern border, the coronavirus pandemic and record-high inflation

Something that our former president does very well. He must be reading the Goomba Gazette – He is shooting straight from the hip and telling it like it is. It is very difficult to hide the obvious.

Everything the guy touches turns to #shit. He is like the guy that keeps crossing highway #1 that rush hour; got hit by an 18 Wheeler 12 times, but keeps using the same crossing everyday. .

Whatever his strategy is, he is too ignorant to see the error of his ways and try to find a different way of crossing the highway. How is what he’s doing now working out for the country??

What surprises me even more than K J’s #F-ups, the puppeteers behind him/that are pulling his strings, seeing all of the #destruction in his wake and not insisting that he takes a different course of action.

It really isn’t to clear as to what their incomprehensible end game is, except to destroy the country. I can’t assure them one thing; if KJ continues to commit these blunders and it is not reined in, his overall actions are going to affect everybody in this country not just the Republicans that they have a hard on for.

Comparison example of backfiring: A little bit of Chinese history that many people do not know about.

Known as “Smash Sparrow”, this campaign launched in the year 1958 by Mao Zedong is the worst ecological disaster known to mankind. Mao felt that sparrows ate too much grain and China could do without such pests. Thus, he decreed that all sparrows be killed.

Sparrow nests were destroyed, eggs were broken, and chicks were killed. Millions of people organized into groups, and hit noisy pots and pans to prevent sparrows from resting in their nests, with the goal of causing them to drop dead from exhaustion.

There is no information on how many sparrows there were in China in 1958. But if there was one for each person, there would have been more than 600 million. Hundreds of millions were killed. This lead to a problem the next year. It was noticed that insect infestation of crop fields had soared. Sparrows ate pests such as locusts, and after the campaign, the locusts lost their major predator. This meant that killing the sparrows was counter-productive. The sparrows, it seemed, didn’t only eat grain seeds. They also ate insects.

Locust populations boomed and they ate everything in their path. Grain production in most rural areas collapsed and a massive famine began. People ran out of things to eat and millions starved. The official number of fatalities from the Chinese government was 15 million. However, it’s estimated by some scholars that the fatalities were as high as 45 or even 78 million.

This is exactly what is happening in this country. The fool we now have for a president and the people that put him there, are bound and determined to #disrupt and undo everything that Donald Trump did when he was in office, thus #killing-all-the-sparrows.

Now that there were no more sparrows in China that controlled the locust population; Mao Zedong‘s strategy worked absolutely in reverse and caused one of the biggest disasters that the world has ever seen.

I cannot help but wonder if K J has got some Chinese blood in him way back in his ancestry?? He must have because he is #systematically killing all the sparrows, and the locusts are taking control.

All of these blunders combined, at some point in time may culminate into  conditions that are irreversible and will effect everyone in this country.

In all of his ignorance, this fool is destroying the entire country by killing all the sparrows. He is not smart enough to know that when all of the sparrows are killed off, the locust will come in and eat all the crops; naturally all metaphorically spoken. His ignorance it’s not only going to effect all of his opposition, it is also going to effect everyone else in this country, including his own people.

I think more and more people; especially the ones on the other side are seeing the error of their ways in not reelecting Donald Trump. Does the guy have some hang-ups?? Absolutely;  but his overall performance far overshadowed his faults.

If everyone in this country was not so worried about who Donald Trump was screwing when he was 30 years old and focus on what he was doing for the country; we would not be in the dilemma we are. You get what you pay for. You pay for a Fugazi; that’s what you get.

You wanna talk about people that blatantly crossed the line and never were held accountable, including murder?? Take a good look at the unsavory Kennedys history. They make Donald Trump look like a PFC in the military compared to some of their exploits. Yet to this day, millions and millions of people around the world look at them as they are saintly.


I would say that the locust population is increasing steadily day by day. If our country does not release more sparrows into the fields to control the insects, it won’t be too far down the road that the entire crops will be destroyed. A word to the wise should be sufficient (should be) being the keyword

The people at the top that control this guy better cut off some of Mao’s cousins juice before all of the crops disappear. This is no joking matter, his illogical actions are affecting everyone in this country severely. Again, a word to the wise should be sufficient. Using the terms sparrowingly!!!

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