This is CNN doing a number on K J (Kamikaze Joe)…

Just taking a wild guess. I would conclude it is pretty bad for K J when many more each day, of his supporters have thrown you under the bus.

We all heard of the term friendly fire that kills the unassuming soldier; this is what we are seeing in the news media coming from the left, people that supported KJ to the hilt, but no longer have the ammunition to do it.

It is very difficult when something is staring you in the face, to deny it exists. This is what has happened what the credibility oozing out from the president of the United States; a big ZERO.

As much as his recently acquired critics hate to admit it, they can no longer deny or no getting around the fact that KJ it’s striking out at home plate with every ball that is pitched at him.

As I alluded to in a post I did earlier today; the Prez he’s trying to save some of his face as (we say in Italian) by catering to the black community (the George Floyd farce) population to bring his popularity numbers up.

It is beyond my comprehension how anyone could be in politics as long as KJ has (57 years) and still make the illogical, most elementary, juvenile, irrational mistakes he has been making. All indicators have to be that he is totally mentally incompetent or an anti American, possibly both, there are no other answers to that perplexing question. The man is either a masochist or a masochist or a masochist. He must be a masochist.

Some of the Faux Pas he has been pulling are even beyond reason or common sense. No sensible person in their right mind would make these off the wall decisions, that one at a time are pulling this country apart into a deeper and deeper pit.

I am gravely concerned about the relationship he is creating with the other superpowers. KJ reminds me of a big mouth kid that loves to sell Wolf Tickets, but can not back it up.

He is a total fugazi, while the Judo Guy and Charlie Chan are legitimate bad ass combatants in their own rights and should not be tested or forced to make a move on the USA. I would not take too much to push their buttons.

No one but a fool would tell Charlie Chan that he is not a friend of his or to call the Judo Guy a killer unless they are looking for a real headache. If K J keeps pushing their buttons, it will not be too long before they retaliate in some fashion

It is not beyond the realm of possibility that this guy can gets us into a war with China or Russia because of his arrogance and stupidity. Remember where you heard this; we are always 1,000% better off if we have a good working relationship with our enemies. We should break bread with them just for the sake of the diplomacy, but that does not mean that we have to sleep with them. Chew on it for awhile.

Some of the Faux Pas K J has been pulling are even beyond reason or common sense. No sensible person in their right mind would make these off the wall decisions, that one at a time are pulling this country into a deeper and deeper pit.

If the puppeteers that pulled his strings allows him to continue to move forward with some of these insane obsessions of his; they will literally destroy the United States. Someone has to grab him by the seat of his pants and start steering his ass the right direction before he makes drastic mistakes that are irreversible.

K J is the laughing stock of the world but he is one of the few that does not know it,

It is apparent that the man is in severe mental stress

Not good for the country.

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