K J nailed it, again AND again ……

Biden again refers to his VP as ‘President Harris’

Biden has committed same gaffe multiple times

If K J does not have #HALF-BLOWN #dementia, #porky-pig’s-prick is not pork

President Biden Tuesday referred to his vice president, Kamala Harris, as “President Harris” in yet another verbal flub by the gaffe-prone leader.

“Last week, President Harris and I stood in the United States Capitol to observe one of those before and after moments in American history,” Biden said, referencing last year’s Jan. 6, 2021 Capitol Hill riot.

This scenario/arrangement has been laying dormant in the back of K J’s #pea-brain ever since he or his bosses give Car-mella the nod. Simple put; he #cracks-ups, #she -takes-over. What a #disastrous day that would be in American history.

I think the people that control Biden are just waiting for the right time for him to be declared incompetent. When that happens Carmella slides her little booty over into chair number one. Did I say LITTLE??

The news media has probably been instructed not to focus on her posterior. It is not displayed in too many pictures of her. Wide-angle lens are scarce these days.

Like so many other people that have a distinctive derriere, they always wear long jackets to try to hide the obvious. Who is kidding who???

Biden-Harris Team Releases Inaugural Playlist: From Steely Dan to SZA -  Variety

As hard as it is to fathom; as bad off as we are with K J (Kamikaze Joe) Joe Biden sitting in the big chair; we would be in a hell of a lot worse shape with Carmella soiling the seat.

The broad is an absolute nut case; she has proven it time after time. Even her own people and the lefters media have been on her #ass so about her the lack of #ambition, #dedication and #enthusiasm to her position.

Shopping; she has that down pat.

VP Kamala Harris lacking role in negotiations, feeds lingering concerns -  Washington Times

Hang in there Joey boy!!

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