Whyyyyyyyy not just fry the sons-a-bitch …

New Mexico killer Damian Herrera gets 4 life sentences after convicted for 2017 rampage

Damian Herrera killed his stepfather, his mother, and his brother at their family home, authorities say

Damian Herrera's victims included his own mother and two other family members, authorities say.
His mother probably yelled in when he was a kid

The victims of defendant Damian Herrera, 26, of Ojo Caliente, included his own mother and two other family members, authorities said.


At $75,560, housing a prisoner in California now costs more …https://www.latimes.com › local › lanow › la-me-prison…

Jun 4, 2017 — At $75,560, housing a prisoner in California now costs more than a year at Harvard · More than tuition at Harvard University · Cost per prisoner …

Let’s say that this psychopathic killer lives to the average age of 76 years old. That means that he has 50 more years to live and for the government to house him at the rate of 75,600 a year$. That equates 3,780,000.00$ to keep this worm alive.

One question – WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY – Will the bleeding hearts claim the death penalty is too inhumane?? Probably; so was the slaughter he perpetuated.

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