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Washington Democratic Gov. Inslee wants to make lying a crime in certain circumstances

Elected officials and candidates who lie about election results could face gross misdemeanor charges and jail

Makes a lot of sense to me!! In some states like New York the nitwit politicians almost made it possible to kill your mother and not get penalized for it or have to spend the night in jail. Now some of their brothers in arms in DC wanna make lying a criminal offence, punishable by jail time. Makes sense to me!!

Makes sense to me!! New Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg made sweeping changes to his department Monday, announcing new policies and principles in a “Day One” memo. One policy outlined crimes that the DA’s office would “not seek a carceral sentence” for cases other than homicides and other serious felonies. Makes sense to me!!

This ignoramus Bragg literally gave the criminals a license to steal and swung the barn doors of crime wide open.

Possibly this fool has some close relatives that are professional criminals and does not want to see them have their ass wind up in the slams.

It is always the case of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing. There does not seem to be any consistency in the laws governing crimes.

I still live by my suggestion of basic universal punishments;. It would be the best thing since pepperoni pizza. If a crime is committed in Alaska; the same punishment would apply as it did in Florida. But that is too easy for these nitwits too sink their teeth into.

The interpretation/punishment for laws should not be politically driven issue, it should be universal to all offenders. NOW that makes sense to me.

When this thing really gets out of hand in cities like New York (it is now well on it’s way); sooner or later it will Stampede out of control and trying to get the horses back in the coral and will be 1,000 times harder than it is now, if that would even possible.

There is a very big possibility the majority of the cops patrolling the streets will resign their jobs and new candidates would be impossible to scare up. Who the hell can survive safely under conditions like this.

The thing that really dumbfounds me; after these situations blow up and cause more serious crimes, there is no one held accountable for their incompetent passage. If worse crimes are committed because these people were set free, the people that created these lenient/laws circumstances should be held responsible.

Will there ever be an end to their stupidity??

To put it in a nutshell; if they pass that ridiculous law to lock up all the politicians that lied; virtually all of the political chambers in the country would look like a ghost town out West.

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