K J’s back is against the wall bigtime …..

Biden unleashes a year’s worth of anger at Trump in Jan. 6 speech, blasting him as an undemocratic liar

Joey GarrisonUSA TODAY


The man is out of control because he has nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.

When the shit gets too deep and the fool has nowhere else to run or hide, he blames everyone in the world for his F-ups and never himself.

That is about as cut and dry and simple as it gets.

Narcissism has to be of epidemic proportions in the political arena. I do not think that there is another group of people on this planet that are so self-centered, out of touch with reality, and thinks they can walk on water. The vast majority of them are living in a bubble enclosed by arrogance. infallibility, incompetence and all the narcissistic tendencies.

When was the first time or the last time we have ever seen a politician admit they were wrong; unless they had no other option and were forced to?? Accepting responsibility for their actions is not in their dictionary.

It took months before this over-sexed fool came clean, only because he was forced to.


K J has so many strikes against him; they may not allow him to come to the ballpark anymore.

When your own people are rolling boulders at you, that is definitely a tell tail clue.

He may, and I say may, have finally come to the realization that he is going down the tubes and taking the country with him. This is why his actions are indicators of a name calling desperate man.

K J has blamed Donald Trump for everything except taking Aunt Jemima’s face off of the pancake mix box. But that still might be coming.

MESSAGE: Joe buddy; in order to rectify this quagmire you have created, you have to take it on the chin and address issues as they are instead of inventing situations to take the spotlight off of you. You are destroying this country.

When you complemented Donald Trump a couple weeks ago about his proactive success with COVID, I thought possibly the both of you would unite your efforts to try to square away this country away. I will give you the same advice as I suggested to achieve healthy, working relationships with the enemy. It is much better to have an open door policy and honest relationship with the other side than not.

Can we even imagine what kind of strides that could be accomplished in this country if Trump and Biden, smoked the peace pipe and worked together, instead of cutting each other’s throat. The possibilities are endless. The only elements that is keeping that from happening is their arrogance and bullheadedness of both men.

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