The man is a solid idiot!!!

Manhattan DA gives many misdemeanors a pass even as new mayor vows to combat growing crime


The memo claims reserving jail time only for matters involving ‘significant harm will make us safer’

Alvin Bragg

Alvin Bragg, a former federal prosecutor sworn in as Manhattan District Attorney on Jan. 1, sent guidance to his office calling for the “decriminalization/non prosecution” for crimes including marijuana possession, turnstile jumping, trespassing, resisting arrest, interfering with an arrest and prostitution. 

This fool just opened up a gigantic can of worms. He just give/sent a message/permission giving the green light to all the petty criminals in New York City; the streets are theirs. Not holding thugs accountable for their actions this completely #ludicrous. What is the #downside for their #criminal activities if they know there will be little to no #repercussions.

What I would like to see; some sort form of karma come back and bit this fool in his ass; by having his car hijacked, his house broken into and vandalized, and he gets his ass kicked buy a bunch of #thug #renegades that were just released from jail or not arrested for the crimes they committed. I wonder if that would be sufficient for him to take the blinders off. Possibly if they or some of their family members had the boots put to them by these thugs, that may make a difference. ANDDDD; maybe not.

I don’t know who Bragg thinks he is bullshitting. The reason he is setting these laws in place is to take the heat off of the black people that are committing the majority of the crimes. Numbers do not lie, just politicians do.

Blacks account for nearly half of all NYC arrests 6 years after end of  stop-and-frisk: NYPD data - ABC News

As we can see by the statistics; it is not only the blacks that are committing the crimes; but they seem to do it better than any other nationality or race

The only way to curtail the crime rate or reduce it is through education; not letting criminals off with the with no penalties for crimes they committed.

Instead of setting up educational programs that will point ALL people on the right direction; Bragg is sending a message to all of the younger kids that it is OK to be a degenerate thief/thug.

The next thing we will probably see is New York to set up an annual award program to honor their most prolific thief in the city. As stupid is that sounds, NEVER SAY NEVER. If someone is going to allow crimes to go unpunished; their next step can possibly be setting up an award for their achievements.

User blog:Syndromekad345/Marvel character with similarties to other  villains: Kingpin | Villains Wiki | Fandom

Mark this date on your calendar folk. Take a good look at the statistics today as to what the crime rate is in the city of New York and then give it a check it about six months from now to see how much it’s escalated.

I will bet the whole farm it will go up 25 to 40%, now that the barn door has been swung open and letting the animals run loose. Then I would I like to see what kind of rebuttal we have from the DA.

It would not surprise me at all to see a great reduction in the police force around the country. How can these people do their job effectively protecting the public and protect themselves in the meantime if they do not have the support of the court system?? End result, reduction in the ranks.

Who in their right mind would want to be a cop these days in the inner city??

I really can’t believe the people in these higher echelon positions of authority are that #fuckin-stupid as they are. Once they allow #lawlessness to get out of control, if and when the time comes that they see the errors of their ways; it will be 1,000 times more difficult to #rein-it-back in. Like rock and roll, IT IS HERE TO STAY; Never getting back to normal again.

These #supposed-masterminds that are trying too #revolutionize the way lawlessness is handled; in essence, they are tying an anchor around the neck of society and dragging them underwater. It is #impossible for the end result to be positive.

Are they that #detached from #reality to think these new measures they have in place are going to reduce the crime rate?? If so they are #totally-full-of-shit. Time will tell the tale, and it will not be a pretty ending.

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