Criminal charge against former NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo is dropped

It is next to impossible to beat these #clannish #bastards and make them #accountable for the crimes.

I would like to wipe that shit-eating  eating grin off of Cuomo’s face with a ball bat. Just another indicator of how arrogant the bastard is.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo arrives to depart in his helicopter after announcing his resignation in New York City, August 10, 2021.
Andrew Cuomo and daughters on life during the pandemic - CBS News

What is this cover-up telling all of the victims of this prick and all the other ones like him?? Money talks and bullshit walks. Disgraceful!!

If Cuomo was just an ordinary Joe Blow that committed the acts he did, he would have been in jail, prosecuted and found guilty months ago.

When situations like this arise; I always wonder if one of the victims was the wife, daughter, mother or relative of the prosecutor or judge, would they still be so lenient??

Nearly as severe as the crime in itself; the fact that these well connected, extremely rich scumbags are not being held accountable for their misdeeds.

It is no wonder that they do not have any compulsion about crossing the line; they know their rich F-in old man, or well connected people in their circle will bail their ass out or buy off the judge.

I can only hope that somewhere down the line Mr. Karma will exact his justice and somehow make these people pay for their criminal activities. As far as the prosecutors and the judges goes; I will put them in the same low-life category I put the aider and abettors of pedophiles. If justice was served on these offenders right out of the box, future crimes could be virtually eliminated if nipped in the bud.

Shame on the judicial system and their unwillingness to defend defenseless,  and cover up for the well connected.

I often wonder where the scum bags receive their pay back; in most cases it certainly is not here on earth.

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