#Cut-off the #head and the #snake will #die ….

Biden admin roiled by #crises on Afghanistan, #border, #inflation, #COVID – but heads yet to roll

No Biden official fired or demoted over series of blunders throughout president’s first year

Just like an out of town relative once they get their foot in the door and put their suitcase down you can’t get rid of the son-of-a-bitch. The prick will eat you out of house and home, destroy your marriage, make your kids hate you, turn everybody against you, and after four years slithers out the back door,

Why would the fool K J (Kamikaze Joe) want to replace/shit-can the officials under him, most of whom he appointed, when they’re cut out of the same cloth as he is!!

Many times through our journey in life, there are solution to most problems we encounter. BUTT this one (the incompetent president) the USA is facing is overwhelming mainly because of it’s complexity, and all of the power and money behind it, there does not seem to be a workable, easy fix.

KJ is like an engineer on a runaway train that has grossly exceeded the recommended speed limit; allowing the train to run out of control, and refuses to try and stop it by put the brakes on.

Biden admin roiled by crises on Afghanistan, border, inflation …https://www.foxnews.com › politics › biden-admin-afgha…

6 hours ago — No Biden official fired or demoted over series of blunders throughout president’s first year. By Jessica Chasmar | Fox News.

To mention the most revelant:

The border

U.S. authorities arrested 1.7 million migrants at the southern border for fiscal 2021, the most ever recorded. Republicans have called for the resignation of Homeland Security secretary Alejandro Mayorkas over his handling of the border, but the crisis has also highlighted the shortcomings of Vice President Kamala Harris, whom Biden appointed border czar in March.


While Biden has seen tanking approval ratings on issues like the economy and inflation, he has typically enjoyed higher numbers on his handling of COVID-19, but that, too, has dropped over the course of the past year. According to the ABC News/Ipsos poll, 53% approve of Biden’s response to the coronavirus, down from 69% when he first took office, with a considerable drop among independents.


The Biden administration has only just started recognizing skyrocketing inflation as a problem after downplaying it as “transitory” for months. The consumer price index rose 6.8% in November from a year ago, marking the highest increase since June 1982, when inflation hit 7.1%.


Biden faced widespread global backlash after Taliban insurgents retook Afghanistan in a matter of 11 days, essentially winning the war on Aug. 15 – 20 years after their ouster by U.S.-led forces. On Aug. 26, during the U.S. military’s mass evacuation at Hamid Karzai International Airport, suicide bombers killed at least 183 people, including 13 U.S. service members. The U.S. retaliated by launching two drone strikes against suspected ISIS-K terrorists, one of which ended up killing 10 Afghan civilians, including seven children

All of these #deliberate-actions have caused countless deaths, thousands of injuries and billions of dollars, are all the direct result of K J and his BOSSES incompetence. He does what he does on repenting and his extremely dangerous blunders do not seem to affect his sentiment one or another. He has not shown any remorse or addressed any of his mistakes with any sign of contrition.

What is runaway train (the USA) needs is a new engineer; BUTT there does not seem to be anyone qualified at the station waiting to replace him. The replacement fools waiting in the wings, by law stepped into his position, are worst examples of human beings and leaders than he is.

As I alluded to yesterday; unless there is some sort of divine intervention, we are stuck with this group of anti-American mutineers for another three years. It is anybody’s guess as to how much more damage they can inflict before his term is up.

It is too bad but we cannot metaphorically cut off the head of the snake and cause the rest of it today. I wish it were that easy.

Unfortunately; being who he is and what he is the spotlight has been taken off of his degenerate kid and his illegal involvement with foreign governments, wanting to buy their way into the White House. Will there ever be justice. I will answer that question with a question?? Will we ever get rid of COVID; it is anybody’s guess.

If this does not tell it all, nothing does.

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