Stealing at the pumps – starting off 2022 bitching….

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You F-in thieves really frost my balls!!!!

Number one on my bitch list is Costco and all the other thieves out here that cheating us at the gas pumps.

I don’t know how many of you ever noticed. Take notice, the next time you go to put gas in your ride, pay attention to the Gauge on the pump and the sound of the gas coming out of the hose. It has been my observation at Costco and many other JIPPO gas places, the meter will read between 40  to 70 cents before any of the gas comes out of the hose.

It’s not bad enough that these gas pirates are sticking us up at the pumps; they even resorted to cheating on the amount of gas we pay for what we actually get.

Costco of all places should hang their head in shame; but they did not get to be $133 billion company a year because they’re honest. I hope that one of their leaders reads my post (chances are slim) and take some action.

They are like Bill Gates stealing a quarter off of a counter left by some guy for a tip. They do not really need it. No wonder they can sell their gas .20 a gallon cheaper than the other thieves.

Several times I have brought this to the attention of many attendants and the only thing I get from them is lip service and; they will look into it, which we all know is a lot of

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How Much Does Costco make from gas? Their gas stations give these warehouse stores an advantage that many retail competitors can’t match. Gas makes up around 10%, $20 billion annually, of Costco’s overall sales and 9% of BJ’s. Walmart, which owns Sam’s Club, does not disclose what portion of its sales come from gas. Nov 20, 2021


Starting the year off right. It doesn’t take much to keep me happy; all I am looking for is a fair shake and my piece of the pie, peace and quiet and to be treated fairly. What pisses me off are the little things that really are unnecessary

These industrial bitches are not making enough money; they have to and have been for decades resort to cheating the public. It has been going on for years, but getting much worse. In order to increase their profits through deception, they are cheating the hell out of the public. Ever notice how many potato chips are in a bag after you open it?? It is about 40 to 60% air.

The bags are getting smaller, the quantity is a lot less and the prices, like everything else are going through the roof.

TOOTH PASTE: Big offender. I just started a new tube of Colgate toothpaste yesterday; the conniving bitches filled it with about 60% toothpaste and 40% air. I squeezed it once and the tube was half empty. Not only are the tubes getting smaller and the prices getting higher, they are filling it with more air, and the price has gone way up. Don’t these peole ever have enough $$$$. IF the BIG WIGS were confronted with this thievery, they would act like they knew nothing about it. Or, they would blame the janitor.


Cereal Eats: Are Mini Box Variety Packs a Blessing or a Curse?

SAME THING WITH CEREALS: 40 – 60% air – the price of cereal is through the roof and they still have to cheat. From my experiences, the NO NAME brands are just as good as the top named brands and quiet a bit cheaper.

This pattern of cheating the hell out of the public, is outrageous.

It is not only restricted to potato chips, cereal, toothpaste and gasoline, it is an ongoing pattern for the majority of businesses. For big business, it has become a way of life for them to; cheating their customers to make as much as they can and give back as little as possible.

Restaurants: Smaller dishes – smaller portions – higher prices seems to be the norm these days; not to mention piss poor service.

Will anything ever change?? Hell no; conditions will probably get a lot worse. It seems to me that big business has become more unscrupulous through the years by cheating their customers and abusing any kind of integrity they may have once had.

Just to show how the despicable and lowlife some of big businesses are; one thing that always resonates with me was when the tobacco companies sitting before Congress, what’s their stone cold faces, denying that cigarettes cause cancer. Now if that’s not a kick in the nuts, I don’t know what it is.

Contesting the Science of Smoking – The Atlantic › archive › low-tar-cigarettes

May 4, 2016 — But the tobacco companies and their scientists would continue to deny that cigarettes cause cancer for another 35 years.

Folks, folks the old cliche that shit slides downhill is getting more and more prolific. The little guy does not stand a chance. We support the poor and make the rich richer, all the while, all the bastards in DC know how to do is raise taxe$ and print more money.

Big business and DC bandits are all in bed together. It is one giant conspiracy, it squeeze all they can out of the American public just to increase the gold coins in their coffers.

May 4, 2016 — But the tobacco companies and their scientists would continue to deny that cigarettes cause cancer for another 35 years.

I don’t know how some of these son-of-a-bitches is can sleep at night; knowing that they are deliberately killing peole all for the sake of the $$$$. But like switch hitter said after his1st sexual encounters; the first time he did it was the hardest. I can not get too explicate.

They are so used to lying and cheating it becomes second nature to them. Without thinking, every time their mouth opens, their lies come out automatically.

Am I going to change the world by my bitching and complaining??? I don’t have a prayer. My mission/purpose in blogging is to try and open the eyes of some readers to make them aware of conditions they might be overlooking.

How do we change business as usual?? It is impossible. It is like getting held up or carjacked in Mexico and going to the authorities and reporting the crime. Many of the cops are worse than the criminals and probably part of their carjacking scheme.

We have just suck it up and hopefully survive all others madness.

Is 1/2 full box of cereal or an air filled toothpaste tube going to ruin my life?? Hell no it isn’t; I’m just trying to make more consumers aware of how they’re getting beat/screwed and maybe put some shame onto the perpetrating purveyors. The later is doubtful.

Happy New Year. I hope!!

Let’s all stick together, get the first three shots, not for the sake of the government but for the sake of mankind, wear your masks if necessary, and let’s try to put the boots to Mr. Corona and kick his ass off the planet. In unity there is strength.

If they come up with 4 – 5- 6 or 7, I am not sure I will get them. After # 3, I have a strong suspicion it is more about money than the safety of the public. Ask Jaws (Fauci in Italian) about that.

Here again; we are at the mercy of these lying bastards; not knowing who or what to believe.

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