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Dad Anderson Cooper to host new parenting show for streaming service CNN+

I am still up in the air as to my exact feelings about transsexuals’ or homosexuals adopting kids. As we all know; we are all products of our environment. That being said, I would assume that kids who are raised by homosexuals or transsexuals would be leaning more toward their way of life than to the straight way. It is called straight for a reason.

Cold hard facts and common sense. If it wasn’t for Jack and Jill, and all we had on this planet were John and Joe, or Jill and Jane, none of us would be here today. Pretty easy to understand.

I have no objection or dislike of transsexuals’ or homosexual people; just like any heterosexual person, they could not control the way they were born. What I am somewhat ambivalent about is, the influence they have of turning a young kids head on which road they would rather travel as they get older.

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To my way of thinking; it is like a married couple going to a 30 year old Catholic priest that has never been married asking him for marriage counseling. What the hell does he know about it.

I know I’m all fashioned in some of my ways of perceiving things (old fashion is a good thing). In my opinion, way back when all of these permissive/liberal lifestyles were not so acceptable, we did not have many of the problems we have today.

Are kids that are adopted by transsexuals’ or homosexuals better off than not being adopted at all?? Probably yes, that is what keeps me sitting on the fence.

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