Don’t wanna kick a gift horse in the nuts, BUTTT……

Home Depot Foundation grants $100K to help military families nationwide


OK; BUTTT, GMAFB. 10 grand to 10 different families???

It should have been at least 100 grand to 1,000 families. By Home Depot making this minimal/embarrassing donation all for show and a publicity stunt, as well as a tax deduction, is only demonstrating what cheap-skates they are.


Home Depot: global net sales 2007-2020 In 2020, Home Depot reached 132.1 billion U.S. dollars in net sales worldwide, up from 110.2 billion recorded a year earlier. This represents an increase of approximately 20 percent in comparison to 2019 figures. Nov 2, 2021

Their sales reached $133 billion and shamefully, they dug very deep into their coffers and donated 100 grand split between 10 deserving people. GMAFB. It is almost insulting; on second thought it is insulting.

I don’t know if they donate to other charities; I’m sure they probably do. but this particular donation it’s about as minimal as one can get. So minimal I would be embarrassed to advertise it.

The numbers are too complicated to calculate. 7.518796992481203e-7: To put it plain and simple and in terms a layman can understand; this articular donation can be compared to one bit of spit in the ocean or one grain of sand and all the beaches in the USA. I don’t care how you cut it folks; that is almost a million times less than zero.

If Home Depot is not ashamed of themselves they should be. If they had any class in their organization at all , they would have not come off as big so Scrooge like.

Jeff Sinegal CEO of Home Depot can spend 110 G’s on a casual weekend

So was it a generous gesture by Home Depot?? I guess it is depending on who you talk to. But based on what they are worth, I would expect them to donate a hell of a lot more to this worthy cause.

What is the old cliche?? Never kick a gift horse in the nuts. A few crumbs are better than none of the loaf.

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