# 1 is discipline ……

10 secrets for working out in 2022, according to personal trainers

These tips from personal trainers will help you stick to your workout routine in the new year


# 1 is discipline; to set up a reasonable schedule/routine and stick with it. Have your workout become part of your everyday activities. The rewards are unimaginable, especially as a person gets older.

To start with; not many of the New Year’s resolutions (getting into shape is #1) last about as long as a popsicle does sitting on the rim of Mt Vesuvius.

It is not necessary to have all of these pieces of equipment to have a good workout and get good results. All you need is a jump rope, the floor, chin up bar, and a lot of determination to stick with it.

Pushups ups, crunches, pull-ups and the jump rope are all any person needs for a phenomenal workout. As you get into shape, start adding more reps and sets.

Jumping rope is on top of the workout list for getting results: get a good jump rope made with leather rope.

Everlast Leather Non-Weighted Jump Rope
A leather rope give the user a better rotation

Jumping rope as one of the, if not the most cardio and physically demanding exercise there is. If you can get up 5 minutes nonstop, you are doing great.

If someone is so inclined and has the facilities to hang a heavy bag or they can buy a floor model, along with jumping rope, hitting the bag has to be one of the most exhausting exercises.  

PROLAST® 750-LB Boxing MMA Heavy Punching Bag Made in USA - FIGHT SHOP
The bag does not have to be an extra heavy bag, just one big enough to work up a good sweat.
Personal Punching Bag & Boxing Sensors

If you are inclined to work out on a heavy bag, before attempting to beat the hell out of it, get instructions from a professional as to how to hold your hands in support your wrists as to avoid injury.

Beside being beneficial to a person’s health, exercise, specially hitting the heavy bag is a very therapeutic for stress relief. If you are so inclined to use it, focus on the bag and pretend it is someone that really pissed you off. Take your hostility’s out on the bag instead of your nemesis. You can’t go to jail for beating the shit out of a bag. You will be surprised at the results.

Let’s be realistic and honest with yourself folks; it probably took you half of your life or more to get as fat, sloppy and out of condition as you are, but you expect to see miraculous transformations in two or three days. That’s not how it works.

It takes a lot of determination, self control and stick to  stick-to-itiveness to achieve any amount of success. One of the biggest factors that people fall prey to; if they do not see any type of improvement after one week, they get discouraged and throw in the towel.

Develop good clean living habits with a great deal of self control. Don’t go into a pizzeria; order the Super size pizza with everything on it and a Diet Coke to wash it down, that is only counterproductive. .

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Stay away from the fast foods there are detrimental to your health – limit yourself to your alcohol intake and by all means drugs are taboo. We only go around once in life so we want to make the best of it. By sticking to a healthy regiment you may influence some of the people around you.

In my opinion, an eating disorder is probably one of the hardest addiction to kick. Drinking excessively is stupid, using dope is illegal, but food is constantly available, easy to access, and the TV commercials are constantly badgering/bombarding us with deals and specials.

I have never seen junk food as cheap as it is now. A pizza used the cost 15 to $18 with everything on it, now it is under 10; while some of Pizzeria give you free Donuts to further tempt us weaklings. The temptation is staggering. It takes a very strong and disciplined person to use their self-control.

Crash diets and starvation are not the answers. A person can virtually eat anything they want in moderation, as long as they do not overindulge and maintain a good regiment of exercise.

Is it hard to do?? You bet your sweet ass it is, but the payoff and the rewards our immeasurable. If you succeed; you would have conquered the junk food beast, be in control of your life and very proud of yourself for doing so. In the mean time, you can serve as an example to the people around you,

sale-of-junk-food: Latest News, Videos and Photos of sale-of-junk-food |  Times of India

With what is out there, the temptation is overwhelming. One of the biggest factors why people fail to stay in good physical condition, is junk food. The junk food industry is literally killing half of the world, while Charlie Chan and his crew, with all of their monstrous potions are trying to kill the other half. Between Charlie and the junk food, only the strong will survive.

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Lady skipping white background Stock Photos - Page 1 : Masterfile
Try to get to the point where you are doing single jumps instead of double jumps. If you can developed the endurance to jump for five minutes, you have achieved a goal that most people never will. If I had to choose one exercise and I was good at it would be jumping rope. You don’t have to get dressed, you don’t have to go outside, you don’t have to worry about inclement weather, all you need is the floor under you and jump rope. One phenomenal workout

Don’t try to kill yourself right out of the box. You have to start easy, increase your reps and sets as your core develops develops. As you progress, you will be able to build up your endurance, achieve longer workouts. 30 minutes a day at least 4 – 5 times a week is a very good regimen to maintain. It is not necessary to feel completely exhausted when your workout is completed, just enough to get your heart rate going and work up a good sweat.

It is not necessary to go all the way up and down.  Halfway up and halfway down will suffice until you develop your stomach muscles.

Good luck

With your exercise routine. Remember one thing; every time you see a commercial on the tube about a diet aid, they always stress, with the proper diet and EXERCISE.

Let’s wait and see how many of you have the backbone and the determination to stick with your exercise program. Exercising not only gets rid of harmful toxins in the persons body, it helps a person feel better and live a lot longer.

80 percent of American adults don’t get recommended exercisehttps://www.cbsnews.com › news › cdc-80-percent-of-a…

May 3, 2013 — A new government study estimates that nearly 80 percent of adult Americans do not get the recommended amounts of exercise each week, …

80 percent are very big numbers. Don’t become one of the losers. If you already went down that lonely path, there is detour up ahead that you can take that will turn your life around.

Why We Make New Year's Resolutions | Mental Floss
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