Ronny put the country’s money and his reputation where his mouth was ….


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President Reagan took office promising a fundamental change in domestic social policy, and it is now clear that he has achieved much of what he promised.

The growth of welfare and food stamp rolls has been halted, even amid a recession with the highest level of unemployment in 40 years. The Medicaid rolls have nearly stabilized. Expenditures for the construction of subsidized housing, for public-service employment and for job training have been sharply curtailed.

Folks we need more presidents like Reagan that put their money where their mouth is instead of just talking about it. Beneficial/unpopular decisions for the betterment of the masses are very hard to make and to stand by; usually they are not popular with the populous.

A good boss does not hesitant to make hard decisions if it serves the majority of the people. Usually; a good boss it’s not a very popular person, depending on the people he serves. They have to be willing to take it on the chin and accept criticism as part of their job.

The run of the mill politician does not have that mindset and are not up to be criticized, so what they do let’s take the easy way out and sell their souls just to be the GOOD GUY.  

Gone are the day when politicians were willing to put in the necessary hard work to correct conditions that were senseable. The modern politician those only two ways of correcting problems. Number one raise taxes – number two print more dead presidents; as have been demonstrated recently.

Biden Outlines $1.9 Trillion Spending Package to Combat … › Business › Economy

Jun 17, 2021 — The Biden proposal is more than 50 percent larger than the Obama-Biden stimulus, after adjusting for inflation, and it comes on top of several ..

AYSM???? folks, those are T’s not M’s.

Reagan took the time and put in the effort to turn around the country by first doing research and determining what was dragging us down ; then took the proper measures to correct it, not being concerned whether he is solutions would be popular or not; only if they were for the betterment of the country.

Similar to a lot of things that Donald Trump did. Did everything Donald Trump do was right?? Hell no!! Trump like Reagan wasn’t that afraid to make had decisions and whether they would be popular.

If we are forced to except all of Trump’s idiosyncrasies (he has a few), if he decides to and gets reelected in 2024, so be it. Our country can’t ever survive under the rule/mentality of people like Biden that are systematically running the USA into the ground.

That is not the far left’s/socialist mentality on how to run a country. All they are concerned with is not tarnishing their image, deceiving people with their false promises; knowing the can ever fulfill them. How do they fund their pipe dreams?? Raise taxes and print more $$$$.

I think it is in politicians DNA too be an obsessive liar just to keep their popularity up. Sooner or later their lies usually catch up with them and they are exposed as the charlatans they truly are.

It is sinful that we do not have more choices of people to run this country like Ronald Reagan was, a true believer.

EXAMPLE of hard decision making: February of 1982 Mr. Reagan proposed to cut the food stamp program by a total of more than $7.1 billion in the fiscal years 1983 through 1985. Congress approved cuts totaling $1.9 billion, which is less than one-third of what Mr. Reagan sought.

Regan did not take the easy way out like K J and his crew are trying to shove insanity down our throat, by raise taxes or print more $$$$$

I have said this repeatedly; when a person, a corporation or a country is trying to tighten their financial belt, if they concentrate on their pennies, nickels, and dimes, the millions and billions will/follow and take care of them selves.

These political slime bags are so used to the B word and the T words, now they have no concept of what $100 bill is anymore.

The United States reminds me of the father of a spoiled rotten kid that had everything he wanted in life; spent money like a drunken sailor and was sucking his old man dry. Before he knew it the old man went bust and the little prick, leaving the kid to hang out and dry. IT all came back and bite the brat in his ass, he did not know how to fend for himself. His final residence was Skid Row, the same place the USA is going to call home.

The once very wealthy USA thinking they were invincible; allowed their bad spending habits to get out of control; ignoring the fact that they existed; the conditions escalated to the point or they could no longer be brought under control. Just like the brat’s stinking rich old man.

 Whether these fool politicians know it or not; sooner or later (if it has not happened already) what they are going to leave in their wake are the metaphorical spoiled pampered kids (the citizens of this country) that thought going bust could never happen to them . NEVER SAY NEVER

Let’s dig up/resurrect The Hanging Judge George Roy Bean and Ronald Reagan and get this country straightened out once and for all.

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