J K; time to bow out of the COVID dilemma ….


Biden’s statement reference to the Covid crisis: “There is no federal solution. This gets solved at the state level,” Biden responded, before mentioning another Republican governor.  Unfortunately, that is not what he has been professing. White man speak with forked tongue.

Biden, however, has put the federal government in a central role on pandemic mitigation measures. The Education Department opened civil rights probes into several states for banning school mask mandates. The president continues to mandate masks in airports, airplanes and on public transportation – and his administration increased fines for those who don’t comply. 

How can any person demand mandates, if in their opinion they do not have a resolution for the problem.

Instead of the federal government being involved from the inception of this disaster, it may have been of better choice for every state to handle their situation accordingly. Every state has a different climate and different conditions that may attribute to the spread of COVID. To put a blanket statement out there or order is not an effective way to deal with this monster. The way to address the situation is; Alaska conditions are a lot different than in California. They should be able to act accordingly.

The real issue with these paper politicians, if their recommendations turn out in a positive manner, all of a sudden they become heroes. If their recommendations turn sour, and do not come out as expected; they all run for cover and will never admit they were wrong.

If K J does not have any resolution to the problem as he admits; from this day forward he should bow out and let each state handled their own medical remedies.

Can’t have it both ways K J. Hero or zero????

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