Cutting their own peoples throats …..

Pentagon to cut stateside cost-of-living stipend for thousands of troops in 2022

The change will lead to approximately 48,000 troops missing out on the stipend

Do these Scrooges bastards know how much these people depend on those FEW dollars?? They DGAF!!

They rather give $$$$$$ to support complete strangers, illegal immigrants, and people that are trying to kill us rather than our own.

Did the DC suits (over paid under worked parasites’) ever think of cutting out or eliminating some of the perks they can do without?? Based on all they get for free, they do not even need a paycheck, especially one they do not work for.

These are just some of the perks they get:

1. A base annual salary of $174,000 – over paid and under worked

2. Free airport parking -WHY???

3. A free, on-site gym for House members – most of the look like they never use it

4. Weakened insider trading restrictions – Weakened; WTFATB????

5. Up to 239 days off – if and when they show up, they rarely accomplish anything.

6. Receives health-care subsidies under Obamacare – should be required to live with what we do

7. A better retirement plan – By contrast, a retired member of Congress who’s served 20 years will average $59,000 annually in pension benefits. In addition, Congress members (actually all federal workers) have access to the Thrift Savings Plan, a 401(k)-like investment vehicle with fees of just 0.03%. To put that into context, Bankrate notes that this means just $0.27 in fees for every $1,000 for the Thrift Savings Plan, compared with the average 401(k), which charges around $5 in fees for every $1,000! Over a lifetime, that can mean thousands less in fees for congressional employees compared to public- and private-sector workers.

8. Members of Congress fly free – WHY???

9. Death benefits – even their relatives receive $pecial treatment after the fools Croke.

10. A $1.2 million to $3.3 million allowance
Members of the House receive a $900,000 annual allowance for a staff as well as a $250,000 budget for travel and office expenses, paid for entirely by taxpayers. Each senator, on the other hand, gets a budget close to $3.3 million based on figures from the Congressional Research Service. Again, certain companies do offer lavish pay packages and perks to employees so it may be a bit hypocritical to pick on Congress for this one point. However, I’m not aware of any business out there where all employees equally get at least $1.2 million in expenses at their disposal. 

I have to wonder how much of that $$$ ends up in their own pockets, and not it it’s intended person.

They used to tell us in the Marine Corps, don’t bunch up one grenade will get you all
Wishful thinking

Not caring how many of the citizens of this country have their backs against the wall not knowing where their next meal is coming from or how to pay for their prescriptions;  these parasitic bastards are sucking the blood right out of the government. That is not bad enough, they even want to cut the stipends of the military in order to save money. That deserves a big AYSM!!!

It is no wonder these incompetents spend millions of dollars to get their foot into the door of the political world. Once they are in there, it is duck soup for the rest of their life. They have no regard for the people they are supposed to represent or how to do their job honestly. How is it possible any person can perform their job to the highest efficiency when they get 239 days a year off. Is there ungodly or what?? WTF show up at all???

First, the clause requires that pay be “ascertained by Law.” This means Congress must set its own pay. It also means that either the House or Senate could not change its salary via a simple resolution, which does not go to either the other chamber or the President for approval. Nor could the two chambers together adopt a concurrent resolution, which does not go to the President for a signature. A change in salary must be done via a bill or joint resolution, both of which are presented to the President for a signature. Thus, the President could veto a bill changing Members’ salaries if he thought it inappropriate. Congress’ ability to raise (or lower) its own salary is circumscribed by the checks and balances of the normal legislative process.

For all intents and purposes they write their own ticket but it has to be approved by the president; who by the way is just another politician that invariably will take care of his own and approve whatever they recommend. They do not want to rock the boat.

This is the one that kicks me square in the nuts:

Kicking Interview! - Free Chat, Mobile Dating Forums -

Congress gets paid during a shutdown, while staffers don’t … › wonk › 2013/10/01

Oct 1, 2013 — It’s one of the cruel paradoxes of the government shutdown: The politicians who are most responsible for the chaos will still get paid.

The suits and skirts get pain even when the country is shut down. Take a wild guess as to who approved that vote.

SOOOOOOOOO; as long as their greasy ass is taken care of; they could care less about the men and women in the military that keep us safe. Pentagon to cut stateside cost-of-living stipend for thousands of troops in 2022.

The names of these scumbags that sanction this should be published so the voters remember them the next go-round. BUTT, like everything else; people remember most things for 15 minutes then shove it under the bed.

Anyone foolish enough to think that they would even consider cutting their pay or their perks in order to save a few dollars. For-get-about-it.

There are certain issues that leave me speechless (almost) and this is one of them. How they can cut the benefits to our troops, while they are aiding and assisting all of the fence jumpers and sending $$$$ across the pond. They are totally pathetic.

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