The short in the sweet of it ……

Seven unbelievable headlines in 2021 that were not satire

‘China Basks in COVID Vindication as Omicron Closes Borders’ among contenders for worst headline of the year

The short in the sweet of it; the question is, how does a person deal/communicate with an imbecille and try to intelligently communicate with them. ?? It is impossible. These fools live on a different planet than we do.

Supposedly many of these fools that come up with these cliche’, comments or observations are supposed to be highly educated people. Makes me wonder.

I’m often made the observation; intelligence and common-sense are not necessarily bedfellows. Give me a boat load of common sense and street sense and you can keep all the book learning. It is very nice to have both of them, but if I had to choose it would be my first choice.

This out the comments these scholars came up with.

1. ‘Inflation is Good for You’

As the rise in inflation began affecting Americans everyday lives’ this year, The Intercept told its readers in November that they should welcome it.

2. ‘Maybe Christmas Shortages are a Gift’

Yahoo Finance senior columnist Rick Newman claimed inflation was a great time to consider embracing a less burdensome Christmas shopping experience.

3. ‘China Basks in COVID Vindication as Omicron Closes Borders’

Bloomberg published a piece this month that claimed, without satire, China was “vindicated” by omicron, the latest recorded strain of the coronavirus.

4. ‘Waukesha will hold a moment of silence today, marking one week since a car drove through a city Christmas parade, killing six people and injuring scores of others’

CNN infuriated readers when it tweeted a headline that appeared to suggest an SUV drove itself into a crowd of people at a Wisconsin town’s Christmas parade and killed six people. A more fitting headline, critics told the outlet, would have included the alleged culprit, a career criminal.

5. ‘The media treats Biden as badly as – or worse than – Trump. Here’s proof’

Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank published what he called “proof” that President Biden has often received worse media coverage than former President Trump. 

6. ‘Is math racist? As many students of color struggle with the subject, schools are altering instruction — sometimes amid intense debate.’

USA Today provided an 11th-hour entry for 2021 on Dec. 9 when it asked, “Is math racist?”

7. ‘The Media Manufactured Biden’s Political ‘Fiasco’ in Afghanistan’

New York Magazine’s Intelligencer writer Eric Levitz credited Biden for overseeing an exit from the embattled country that came with “relatively little chaos and tragedy.” He couldn’t fathom why so many other outlets thought otherwise. 

To think these fools are actually paid for their opinions. What does that say for their boss??

All of these comments came from supposedly intelligent highly educated people. All of them come from backgrounds with many years of media exposure under their belt. Either they all fell on their head causing them to lose all their common sense or they have been fools all their lives flying under the radar.

I always wonder how supposedly intelligent people can make such irrational/foolish statements.

To answer my own question, look who we have running the country.

LET'S BE REAL, from left: President Joe Biden puppet (voice: Piotr  Michael), Vice-President Kamala Harris

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