Put the crying towel away Carm ……

Kamala Harris cites not getting ‘out of DC more’ as her ‘biggest failure’ as VP

In a TV interview, the vice president reflects on a year that has included criticism from both parties for not spending more time in the U.S.-Mexico border region


Old Car-mella is just coping a plea, trying to drum up some sympathy.

Only one comment – Car-mella claims her biggest mistake as vice president was not getting out of Washington and performing the jobs she was assigned to. In my opinion; Carm’s biggest mistake as a vice president is being the vice president and dereliction of duty.

I have to wonder who was holding a gun to her head when she made that statement. Being the ego maniac she is, her making a statement like this totally out of character and goes against her grain.

Like the criminal that robs a liquor store. He is not remorseful he robbed the store, he is just pissed off he got caught.

Can we expect to see a different Car-mella in the future?? Don’t hold your breath this was just a moment of weakness. She is one devious vindictive woman, not to be trusted.

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