Soooooo; you don’t wanna get vaccinated …..

Major airlines forced to CANCEL Christmas trips as nationwide COVID surge triggers staffing problems

Ever hear of having to pay the Piper?? The Piper comes in many forms shapes and sizes, like airline shut-downs and like the virus it is impossible to beat him.

Soooooo; you wanna be a tough guy; don’t wanna get vaccinated, Now The Piper is here to collect.

I did a post way back when Mr. Corona first came to town end described him as more powerful then all the weapons in the world combined; Calling it the invisible killer. It seems that my description of the monster what’s 110% correct.

The #invisible #killer ….

Posted on 02/29/2020 by The Goomba Gazette

More #powerful than any #military force on earth, or #bomb ever developed, more powerful than all of the wealthiest people in the world combined, yet this #monumental #monster is invisible.

Yet we have fools out there there are staunch non believers and consequently causing this world unmentionable hardships, illnesses and death because of their stupidity.

If they are that ignorant to think they are gonna beat this monster they are totally off base.

The cancellation of airline flights is glimpse at the tip of the iceberg; just a very small disruption as to what is going to come. As we all know, when we look at an iceberg, all we see is a tip; the major portion of the iceberg is about 99% under the water. But is a very significant portion of the iceberg.

That being said; what we are witnessing now is nothing as to what we can expect if all of the naysayers don’t give online. This monster is going to continue to grow and grow if left unattended, grow to apocalypse size that mankind has never seen. Best part of it; it is totally containable if everyone pulls in the same direction.

These are very selfish people that are more pissed of that they’re gonna miss the Christmas ham then if because of their stupidity are assisting to infecting the population of the earth.

Another part of my previous post: It is NOT beyond the realm of possibility that this could very well be THE BIG ONE, that alone will demonstrate just how powerful Mother Nature could be.

All of my favorite sayings has always been; don’t fuck  with Mother Nature’ cause she is gonna win every time.

Folks; this is a food for thought. Can we even imagine with all of this turmoil in the world connected with COVID; if everyone played by the rules from the beginning by wearing their mask and getting their shots, it would nothing but a blur in our rear view mirrors. It is not inconceivable that Mr Corona would have gotten his hat a long time ago.

Who do these non-conformist people have to blame but themselves. Forget about the government mandates, (I hate them more than you do) forget about the pharmaceutical companies, forget about the scientists, forget about everything but protecting you your family and the rest of mankind. That is what unselfish people do. Which category do you fall in.

I used to tell my martial art students; one of the reasons we study the martial arts is; just in case we need it we have it and hope we never have to use it.

I am not 100% sure if getting all three of the shots is going to protect us from dying. I would like to play the odds and hope by getting the the fearsome threesome we are somewhat protected.

Like the insurance policy, we want to have it just in case we need it and hope we never have to use it

With that I will close with a big AMEN.

Happy healthy holidays to everyone; don’t be a Scrooge and do what you need to do for the sake of mankind.

Ebenezer Scrooge. BAH HUMBUG. Digital Art by Tom Hill

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