KJ (Kamikaze Joe) is having an epiphany …

Biden says 2024 reelection run depends on his health

Biden admits he wishes he had ‘thought about ordering a half a billion’ test kits ‘two months ago’


Is reality finally setting in with Kamikaze Joe?? It is about time that lightbulb went off in his head and he starts thinking rationally. Down deep inside the man has to know that him being the president instead of Donald Trump was not the the country’s right choice for many reasons.

With that admission; he sort of showed his hand before the card game was over.

With that admission; for the first time in American history in 2024 there may be only (very hypothetical) one candidate running for the top seat totally unopposed. Who would, in their right mind would wanna run against Donald Trump based on the piss poor ratings the Democrats have been getting. I don’t know if they could scrape deep enough to the bottom of the barrel and come up with anybody with any credibility. They certainly didn’t last time and are paying the big price for it.

I wonder how the fools like that communist/socialist Soros feel seeing their money/donations going up in smoke. All the contributions they are making, they should have given to me, I could have put it to better use.

KJ may be dumb but he is not stupid (I may want to rephrase that); If his ratings were high and he was in good health (he knows how sick he is) he would absolutely be running again.

KJ has a lot of hang-ups and one of them is, when he should say something he doesn’t, and when he doesn’t say something he should have. I don’t think I would be as forthright as he is at this point in time; he is demonstrating his weakness and frailties to the other side and the world.

By KJ making the surprising submission; we can  say with a great degree of certainty, the man has shot himself and the party in the foot very prematurely. With the democratic leader going down the tubes, I would say that THE PARTY will only spiral deeper and deeper into reality.

With all of his years in politics (he should have known better) KJ made the most foolish mistake of his life by showing his whole card before that game was over. Truthful Joe?? Absolutely YES – BUTT foolish KJ, absolutely a bigger yes.

There is no way that KJ will ever finish his term as president, the handwriting is on the wall. Now it appears that KJ himself has seen or just admitted the reality of the situation. This is the 1st time he has admitted it publicly.

If this does not fire up Donald Trump’s ego (can it get any bigger) and confidence nothing else will.

The horse in the stall next to him broke his leg even before the starting gate opened, Making it a horse race.

What does a one horse race mean?[mainly British] a contest in which it is obvious even before it starts that one person or team is much better than the others and will win.

AMEN – remember where you heard it first.

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