Surprise – Surprise – Surprise

Trump ‘very appreciative’ and ‘surprised’ Biden acknowledged his administration’s COVID vaccine success

In an exclusive interview with Fox News, Trump said Biden’s comment would help the ‘process of healing’

It is impossible to deny what a great job PDT did when Mr Covid first invaded the world by way of the unscrupulous Chinese. Now, K J is giving THE MAN the acknowledgement he deserves. Gotta give credit where credit is due.

When KJ was first elected all he did was bad mouth the shit out of Donald Trump for the job he did with the COVID situation. Now that the shoe was on the other foot and he sees the complexity of the problem; he can longer deny that Trump did a stupendous job with his WARP SPEED operation and how he attack Mr COVID.

I said this many times before; it makes more sense to be on speaking terms with your enemy then to have a wall between you. Even enemies can benefit one another in coming to an amicable solution that will serve both parties well.

With Donald Trump and Joe Biden being on speaking terms; there can be a lot of progress made in correcting many of the problems that are destroying this country. Is the country turning a corner???? I say it is about time.

Donny – Joe; read this post.

The only thing that they are doing because of they’re gigantic egos is making the road to progress a lot rougher/bumpier to travel then it can be if they both considered the well being of the country instead of their personal/selfish agenda.

So I suggest to both of them. Number one keep putting the wall up in Mexico and start taking the wall down between you.

Brilliant if I say so myself.

Spread this post around to all your contacts – possibly we can ALL learn something useful and positive for society.

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