And they ask why the world is so F-ed up ….

Chicago Lutheran church brings newly-ordained pastor in drag to preach to children

As you can see this article was partially blocked

Here we go again; another bunch of sick bastards trying to manipulate/control the minds of young children. They will not allow them develop at a normal, natural pace; they want to impregnate filth in their heads at a very young age.

Anybody that sanctions this lunacy or attends these services are sick son-of-a-bitches and deserve to be put into a mental institution. That is after they get a severe beating. ANDDDDD, they are stupid enough to ask why this world is so fucked up. I think the answer is very clear.

I do not have a problem with transgenders, homosexuals, or anyone else as to how they chose to live their lives. What I do have a problem with is some sick/twisted bastards trying to force feed our kids and turning them into freaks as they are.  Kids have to develop their personalities at their own pace naturally. There are enough bad influences in this world let alone promoting it.

Probably worse than the FREAKS are the parents that send their kids to these classes.

Diversity my ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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