Who is running the country Carm???

Kamala Harris clash with Charlamagne Tha God reveals much about VP, Biden admin: Fox panelists

Fox News contributors Tammy Bruce, Joe Concha and Charlie Hurt weighed in during Fox News’ ‘The Big Saturday

It seems like Car-mella’s jibs get rigid (old street slang) when someone poses a question to her that puts her back against the wall. In my opinion; she thought because of who she is and what she is what is, she going to skate through the vice presidency unscathed just waiting for KJ to kick the bucket or be  declared incompetent.

I am really surprised that she hasn’t got beat up more than she has. If she were republican or a white female, she would have been nailed to the cross a long time ago.

Joe Concha: ‘Profoundly scary’

“You know what’s profoundly scary here? … One of the main questions this administration is getting is, ‘Who’s running the country?’ Do any other leaders of any other remotely advanced countries get asked such a question? Does anybody else find that disturbing? …


This entire scenario got fired off by Harris reacting sharply after Charlamagne provoked the vice president on Comedy Central’s “Tha God’s Honest Truth” by asking her who America’s “real” president is.

That question has been in the minds of millions of American citizens, beside all the people around the world, based on what a 3 ring circus this administration has turned into. The most pronounced thing that Carm has done since she has been in office has been continually telling K J to F-off.

She deliberately disregarded all  orders that K J  directed/assigned to her. So answer the question; who is really running the show??

Only one example: it took her more than eight weeks to follow K J order for her to go to the border, surveille it and get it under control, an issue that is still not resolved today.

I still ask the question; if she was working in corporate America how long would it take to get her booty kicked out the back door for insubordination or not following a direct order. She’s a prima Donna, it’s not afraid to flaunt it.

To this day she still has not done anything significant or insignificant to change the conditions of the border. In a nutshell she has done absolutely nothing.

One of the highlights of her vice presidential position is shopping in Paris. That she is very proficient at.

EXCLUSIVE: Kamala Harris Bought $375 Pot on Paris Trip
l’enfer je ne peux même pas cuisiner

What are ticket this broad has. A position made in heaven.

I don’t know what she is doing in the pots and pans department; can she even cook??

So tell me folks; based on all that we have witnessed since KJ has been in office, who is really running the show?? The USA has become the laughingstock of the world and these DUMBO-CRATS with blinders on act like all is well on the Western Front.

Read the attached article and form your own opinion as to WHO IS RUNNNG THE COUNTRY

It sure as hell is not K J (Kamikaze Joe) .

On top of it all; it doesn’t appear that K J has any self-respect or moral fiber. How many times can a person make a fool out of them-self and keep coming back for more?? The man is not smart enough to see the error of his ways and how ridiculous he looks to the world.

No ; he is not saying grace

He has had 50 plus years of honing his political deception and developing a hard crust. Nothing seems to bother this guy. Where the hell is his LOW POINT???

Biden stumbles through confusing answers during CNN town hall - LifeSite

Possibly, some of his aids should replay the videos to the man so he can see just how ridiculous he looks. That may wake him up; then MAYBE NOT.

Vice President Biden appears to doze during speech - The Washington Post

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