Surprise surprise surprise ……

Rep. Byron Donalds on Biden’s Build Back Better bill – Fox … › …

Actually this is not a surprise, but just a confirmation on what parasitical beast these bastards  are.

RepByron Donalds, R-Fla., weighs in on Biden’s Build Back Better bill and how it could contribute to

This has to be the most egregious example of the slime bag politicians and how they deceive the American people I have ever seen or heard of.

This video by Brian Donald’s depicts exactly who these scum bags are and their devious deception. It is unconscionable that we have dirty bastards in our government that will go to the extremes as they do to deceive the American people; only to enrich themselves and their comrades. These people have no conscience. Every F-in thing they do or say is filled with deception.

When they present bills to the American people for acceptance; they deliberately leave out all of the pork that is distributed to their pet projects or repayments to people that have supported them financially. You have to listen to this video to understand what rotten son of a bitches  these people are.

When I listen to that tape, my blood pressure went up about 100 points. Actually; believe it or not, backdoor dealings like this almost leave me speechless. There are not enough words in my vocabulary for me to express my disdain for these rotten son of a bitches. May they all right in hell!! Can you tell I am deeply pissed off??

If you are not shocked and dismayed at the content of this video there’s something seriously wrong with you.

The most unfortunate thing about all of these debacles are; there is very little the citizens of this country can do about it. These pricks get elected through deception and lies; then grind it off in Joe Blow’s ass after the fact.

Hell is even too good for them.

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