Very poor choice ……..

YouTube personality Jake Paul gestures Dec. 17, 2021, during his weigh-in ahead of his fight against martial artist Tyron Woodley in Tampa, Fla.
YouTube personality Jake Paul (L) and martial artist Tyron Woodley (R) face off Dec. 17, 2021, during their weigh-in ahead of their fight in Tampa, Fla.

I think Jake Paul is making a very poor decision by getting in the ring with Tyrell Woodley, based on the condition of his damaged brain.

Beside the fact that Paul has been diagnosed with damage to his brain, he decided going ahead with his match against Woodley.

Paul played football when he was a kid and received numerous concussions. Somewhere down the line he decided he wanted to get into the martial arts (MMA). That is another very poor decision he made. Under the circumstances, I think that the MMA is making a huge mistake by allowing this fight to take place.

I have seen Terrell Woodley fight many times and he is a very capable, down to business killing machine. I would be very surprised if Jake Paul was not taken out of the contest on a stretcher or in a body bag.

Which is more powerful a punch or a kick? It is estimated that a well executed kick carries 4 times the destructive power than a well executed punch.

How strong is a kick? When it comes to kicks, “they can obviously generate more force than a punch, since there’s more body mass behind it. Some experts say that a well executed round-house kick could generate up to 9,000 newtons with them, equal to roughly a ton of force.

Damage inflicted to the body, primarily to the head, the MMA has to be one of, if not most brutal sport in the books. 95% of the punches and kicks are focused on the head area and are totally devastating.

All damage inflicted to the body has long lasting effects that may not surface for years. Over a period of time and continued abuse, many boxers, football players and martial artists who repeatedly received damaging blows to the head; much of the damage does do not show up until later in their life.

In my opinion; the small amount of money and little glory at most of the pugilist get to get their brains scramble, it’s not worth the risk.

Here’s a good one for you and very surprising. A 2007 study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that horseback riding resulted in 11.7 percent of all traumatic brain injuries in recreational sports from 2001 to 2005, the highest of any athletic activity.

This is what the CDC is not mentioning. The ratio between people that play full contact sports like football, wrestling and the martial arts has thousands of times more people participating then people that ride horses.

It is very difficult to tell a kid they cannot participate in the sport when all of their other friends are doing it. My suggestion would be; keep a close eye in the kid and the first sign of a brain injury or any other potential permanent injury, they should be taken out of the sport. If neglected and overlooked, the long range effects can be very severe if not deadly.

The old saying is; one ounce of prevention his worth 10 pounds of cure. Be a smart parent not one that wants to live their life of vicariously through their kids. There’s a lot of them out there.

There are too many parents who put their kids in very precarious and dangerous positions because the parents it’s trying to relive their life through their kid. Not a good idea.

Never force a kid into anything such as a sporting activity they do not want to do. It is counter productive. Encourage them yes; force them, absolutely no.

Back to the martial arts. In my opinion the martial arts is the most beneficial endeavor any person can undertake providing they have the right instructor. That is paramount. The benefits if taught properly are immeasurable.

Through my martial arts experience, many people have asked me what is the best martial art to take. My answer to them is, all of the martial arts are good; the instructor is the key to a great school. Take my word for it!!

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