Incomprehensible insanity ……

What do New Yorkers think about letting noncitizens vote in city elections?

New Yorkers were split on whether they support the measure

It can be compared to a private organization/clubs that only allows members to enrolled. Why should anyone be allowed to have a voice in the government that they are not part of it. It is ludicrous.

It is not beyond reason that the votes from these non-citizen individuals may turn the entire outcome of the election around adversely.

It should be a standing rule that no city, no state, no federal government should allow illegals too participate in the voting process. It is absolute absurdity.

Let us see if this resonates with any of the fools. It would be like an absolute stranger invading the privacy of your home or business and telling you how to run it. I would like to propose that scenario to these idiots that pass this law and hear their response. COMMONSENSE – folks – COMMONSENSE

I guess that is why they are called imbeciles.

Yeah – DeBlasio is my 1st cousin – you know, Warren Wilhem
When his name was Warren

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