When the cat is away the rats will play …..

Fueled by gun violence, cities across the country are breaking all-time homicide records this year

By Priya Krishnakumar, Emma Tucker and Ryan Young, CNN

Updated 7:15 AM ET, Sun December 12, 2021

9 major cities set all-time homicide records

WTF do these fools expect. When a nymphomaniac’s husband goes out of town, guess what she’s doing.  When a classroom of eighth graders are left unsupervised, guess what the kids are doing. When you lock a drunk in a liquor store, guess what he does, When a binge eater is accidentally locked in a buffet overnight, guess what they are doing. etc etc etc. When criminals know that they cannot be arrested for their crimes or their punishments may be minimal, take a good guess at what they’re doing. Anybody that does not know the answer to these very simple questions is a total F-in imbecile.

Anybody of authority that would consent to passing these types of laws, either should be institutionalized so they cannot harm anyone but themselves, or given a one way ticket to North Korea.

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To all the ultra-liberal fools out there; be careful of what you wish for.

You cannot have your cake and eat it too. You can’t have it both ways. Either you want to live in a law-abiding society or you don’t. If you don’t and want to defund the cops that are protecting our lives, GTFOOT. No one but a very dedicated person or an idiot would want to put on a blue uniform and put a target on their backs. I say it is 95% dedicated – 5 % idiot. They need all the respect and help they can get.

How about all of the people that are related to criminals in prison; do we blame all of their relatives for their wrong doings?? Hell no; SOOOO tell me WTF are these same fools blaming all the cops in the country for what some gun happy bastard did. Put the blame where it belongs folks.

Unless the black community does not take the bull by the horns and lay the responsibility where it belongs, these out of control conditions will never change. Less crime. less police intervention, less brutality. Cut off the head of the snake and the snake will die. It is absolutely imperative the source of the problem be addressed and not pretend that does not exist.

These guidelines apply to every race, color and creed not just the black community. What stands out is the undeniably fact the black community is 15% of the population but makes up 51% of the incarcerated. Does anyone see the disparity there??

As a functional society we cannot keep kicking around the reasons racial harmony is in the condition it is by blaming the other person and not putting the responsibility where it belongs.

Does the black community have a legitimate complaint. Absolutely yes, but burning down buildings looting rioting and making threats it’s not the answer to the problem. The only answer is education

The absolute fix true to all of the social problems in the world has to be achieved through education. Not 1 and 1= 2 but how to grow up and be responsible individuals they live by the rules for the betterment of society.

Education should start at home; not when the brat is six years old and so to school totally out of control. Schools were supposed to be a baseline for education not too discipline kids and keep them in line. The brats should be civilized and well adjusted by the time they get to kindergarten. I would like to ask 100 teachers what they spend more time doing; teaching or disciplining the kids. I think I know the answer. If the parents of the kids follow those guidelines by setting a good example 90% of the problem would be solved.

The major root of the problem with all of these conditions or dysfunctional families, there is no mother or father that’s such a good example. Everyone is a product of their environment and is going to develop accordingly. It is a known fact; if a person lives with a cripple long enough, sooner or later they are going to start limping

What in the name of stupidity do these fools expect when they want to defund or abolish law enforcement?? All society ends up with is a bunch of unchained, savage, animal, anti American law-breakers; that do not have any fear for the law because there is no one enforcing it. How simple is this to understand??

If these conditions are not reined in very soon, lawlessness will get so out of control that it will be possible to ever get back to normality.

Many of the fools that promote defunding the cops who live on Nob Hill have the illusion that they are out of harms way and will not be affected by their Incomprehensible decision making. I have a clue for them; sooner or later all of these animals/rioters/smash and grab fools will start climbing that nob hill and doing a number on the beautiful people that thought they were out of reach. By that time, conditions may be so out of control we could never get back our lives back to normal.

Folks; this is not a laughing mater and should be taken very seriously. Only a fool would find humor in the conditions that exist in the USA.

Kamala Harris takes heat for laughing when a man referenced Trump's actions  as 'mentally retarded' - EEW Magazine - News from a faith-based perspective

Lawless conditions are not just isolated to a certain part of the country;

Cities with record homicide totals include Louisville, Kentucky; Columbus, Ohio; Albuquerque, New Mexico; Tucson, Arizona; Rochester, New York; and Portland, Oregon. Milwaukee, Minneapolis and Nashville are also on pace to reach record homicide numbers by the end of the year.

Los Angeles recorded 352 homicides so far this year, and Chicago has seen 756, with year-to-date increases of 12% and 4% respectively. In Houston, homicides are up 18% from 2020.

Tell me all of you liberal minded idiots out there; How is what you are doing working out for you so far; does defunding the cops really work?? Because of their stupidity and ulterior motives; even with the increasingly dire conditions, there are still government officials they want to forge ahead with defending or eliminating cops. You tell me; what can their motives really be except destroy the country completely.

There are many cities states and the national governments in this world that didn’t happen react soon enough to put and end to the lawlessness when it began to surface; assuming the conditions would run their course and eventually die out. That was not the case; now these areas are completely consumed by the bandidos and may never et back to a civilized society. Does Mexico and these other countries ring a bell??

A map of the most lawless countries in the world | indy100 | indy100

The governments are not running these countries; the criminals are. Or, the governments officials are so corrupt, they are a huge part of the system.

At one time in history, many of them were very peaceful places to live. What happened you AXE?? Government corruption, no respect for law enforcement, out of control crime and complete disregard for authority. Folks you get what you ask for.

I have to wonder how long it will take for the United States of America to be on that undesirable list?? Crime is like a slow growing cancer. It may not be detected in it’s infancy, but the longer it is left unattended, he bigger it gets – the bigger it gets it becomes impossible to cure.

Wake up and smell the napalm folks. It may not be too long before the Grim Reaper is making his way to your tranquil neighborhoods.


This is for all of the proponents of defunding or dismantling the cops:

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