Lots of IF’s to consider ……

Fauci: Americans may ‘just have to deal with’ more COVID-19 vaccine booster shots

Fauci was responding to a question asking if Americans should expect yearly booster shots


Just as I suspected:

“If it becomes necessary to get yet another boost, then we’ll just have to deal with it when that occurs,” Fauci said.

If there was not so much skepticism surrounding JAWS (Italian for Fauci) and his truthfulness – If there were not trillions to be made by the drug companies – If what the government tells us, we can feel comfortable with – If the news media was more trustworthy and did not exaggerate or make up different information just so they can be FIRST – If the trust factor throughout this entire ordeal had a different slant on it, we may feel more at ease accepting the information that’s passed on to us. That has not been the case eve since Mr. Corona came to town.

The only thing that I know for sure; THEY will drain this cash cow milking it dry over and over again. I think it is tragic that there is so much distrust between the public  in every sector and the authorities.

A very huge fact; a great deal of the pressure put on the public to continue to get shot after shot is based on a fear factor. And do they know how to use it. The more they exaggerate, The more tales they spin, the more people become afraid of not getting the shots for fear of, what if the authorities just may be right.

I did many posts and COVID-19 and said from the beginning; because of the enormous profits made by the drug companies, this sad  scenario maybe dragged out for many years to come. It looks like my hunch was right.

What is the solution for the general public; at this point in time I would suggest to get the first three shots, after that roll the dice and try to use your good judgment as what path to follow.

If there were not so many If’s, it would make the lives of the human race I have a lot easier.

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