Can anyone explain to me why the USA has to get involved in every other countries affairs.

I really do know the answer, unity against the enemy. But in my opinion this is not a time in history the United States should be sticking their neck out for everyone else in the world. We have too many difficulties on our own plate to deal with on out home turf.

It was all well and good when the country was flourishing and loaded to the gills, but now we are about as poor and disorganized as we have ever been.

The question has come up as to whether the United States would support but Ukraine if Russia invaded them. In my opinion we have enough to deal with on our own home-turf without getting involved and everyone else is business.

Does any fool think that Ukraine or anyone else would come to our aid/support the United States if we were attacked by a foreign power?? Think again.

It is about time that we quit being the policeman for the world and the bottomless pit of money when we are in such poor condition.

We have to focus our own problems and difficulties which are too numerous too list. The USA has never been in such dire straits as we are today. Anybody that thinks differently it’s not paying attention to the news.

The people in the TOP SEATS are certainly not doing anything to alleviate these conditions. By their stupidity and much to be desired management; I have to ask the same question I did when TMC was in THE BIG CHAIR. Whose side are these fools on anyway???

I don’t know just how smart our leaders (by the looks of it, not very) but the USA is just hanging on by a thread. We have to focus ALL of our energies and finances on getting this country back in shape, socially, financially and militarily. I do not see it happening.

These fools remind me of a moron that keeps jumping in front of 18 wheelers, trying commit suicide. Sooner of later, his luck is going to run out; or has it already??

Thanks to Biden, Putin holds all the cards and all the leverage: Dana Perino

The issue of Biden’s leverage with Putin is compounded considering the Nord Stream 2 pipeline that is being built from Russia to Europe via the Baltic Sea, according to Perino.

While K J is playing with himself (or sleeping) trying to disrupt everything PDT put in place, China and Russia are sharpening their sabers.

At what point in time is the fool going to have an epiphany?? Never would be my guess.

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