Wolf in sheep’s clothing .. and a liar on top of it …

Josh Duggar trial: Prosecution rests, defense brings in forensics computer analyst

Duggar, 33, is charged with receiving and possessing child pornography and faces up to 20 years in prison on each count if convicted

It is not bad enough this bogus skunk crossed the line so many times, the fact that he is pleading NOT GUILTY is absurd.

There is even conversation that he molested his own sisters. Can’t get much worse than that.

The police report indicated that four of the five molestation victims were Duggar’s siblings. Jim Bob Duggar reported he had learned in March 2002 that Josh had touched the breasts and genital region of his sisters on multiple occasions while they were sleeping.

What a piece of trash this punk turned out to be. Although we can’t ever blame someone else for a family members misdeeds; he certainly brought unimaginable shame to his entire family.

The least he could of done for the sake of his family was, take it on the chin, admit his wrongdoings and gone out with any dignity he had left, saving his family the grief of going through the trial.

The authorities should give him the max sentence.

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