The best time to attack the enemy …..

Hannity: Hostile US adversaries are preparing to capitalize on Biden’s ‘cognitive decline’

‘Every hostile actor in the world is now preparing to take full advantage,’ Hannity warns

It is no military secret; the best time to attack the enemy is when they are at their weakest point.

I don’t know if the United States has ever been as weak as it is now with who was sitting in THE BIG CHAIR. This would be the opportune time for our enemies to make their move.

Let’s just hope and pray that some of the people under K J’s command are competent enough to handle whatever comes down the Pike.

It has not made any sense from the start; throughout the entire population of the democrat party that K J was the most qualified to carry the torch. That would be like appointing Gomer Pyle the commandant of the USMC.

Possibly if we look back far enough, Pyle and K J may be 1st cousins.

The man is literally destroying this country and it does not look like this is a concern to many people.

It is very obvious by the way K J is conducting his affairs, he is heading the country down the path to self imposed suicided.

The fool is not even savvy enough to try and have a working relationship with our staunches enemies. Anyone with 1/10 of a brain SHOULD KNOW that being on amicable terms with the Judo Guy and Charlie Chan would be in our best interest. I did say 1/10 of a brain.

K J is such a small man (mental midget) that he feels by him beating his chest like a gorilla in the wild, he is going to scare or impress someone. The Judo Guy and C C will eat him up and spit him out. The only thing he does when he deliberately insults these people is to make a fool of himself, the USA and weaken the relationship we should have with the other sides. He called Putin a killer several times and to C C he was no friend of his. BRILLANT!!

K J still is bad rapping PDT every chance he gets for things he says and does, BUTT K J is 100 times the fool Trump is when it comes to poor diplomacy and leadership.

If I were sitting in The Big Chair; once a month I would be inviting my arch enemies over for pizza and sausage cooked on the grill to try and keep an amicable line of communication open. That is not what a coward does, that is what a wise person should do; KILL THEM WITH KINDNESS.

Whomever is pulling K J’s strings better advise him to get his ass in line and quit playing the gorilla in the bush. He is not impressing anyone BUTT himself.

Tone it down K J; no one is listening to all that chest pounding you are doing. Start acting like a president and not a loud-mouth kid from Scranton, PA.


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