Is this gal reading my mail or what ?????

Recent reports of increasing turmoil within Vice President Kamala Harris’ office is leading to renewed speculation whether the California Democrat is unfit for the high office she holds.

“The problem is she really was elevated above her ability. She was chosen by Joe Biden not because of her quality of her work or her intellect,” Devine said. “It was because she was a woman — and she was a woman of color. And that puts her in a bad position. And it puts America in a terrible position.”

I did at least 13 posts on Car-mella expounding on how and why she was chosen by K J for the VP spot. All of the posts indicate, because she is black and a women are the reasons K J #TOKENIZED her.

Here we go again – just another TOKEN …..

Published on Nov 28, at 9:28 AM

Poison wearing high heels ….

Published on Nov 26, at 8:50 AM

Did Car-mella say; more WORK needs to be done?????

Published on Nov 20, at 7:47 AM

Dysfunctional Darling of the Democrats …..

Published on Nov 15, at 8:06 AM

Why you AXED ……

Published on Nov 14, at 11:19 AM

Car-mella, don’t give US that bull….

Published on Nov 12, at 11:35 AM

What took you so long Judgette ……

Published on Oct 17, at 8:36 AM

Living in the past – what about tomorrow ……

Published on Oct 13, at 10:24 AM

A phony – is a phony – is a phony ….

Published on Jul 3, at 12:32 PM

#Useless as #tits on a bull ….

Published on Jun 26, at 8:04 AM

What else can you expect from a token ….

Published on Jun 10, at 10:51 AM

Force feeding is not the answer …..

Published on Oct 1, 2020 at 8:22 AM

Now, New York Post columnist Miranda Devine is echoing my sentiments. She must be reading the Goomba Gazette. If not, she should start.

Vice President Kamala Harris waves as she departs after speaking at the Tribal Nations Summit on the White House campus on Nov. 16, 2021, in Washington.

This is the 1st time I saw Car-mell put on a smile without showcasing her Ipana smile. She must be getting the message that the public is catching on to her act.

Putting my dislike for the lady aside; if she would at least make an attempt to do her job, I think that she would be become more acceptable to the public. The fact of the matter, SHE DOES NOT GIVE A SHIT, and is not going to budge for anyone.

If she turns up her nose that the president of the USA and does everything but tell him to kiss her ass when he gives her an assignment, who will she listen.

I never thought I would say this; but I hope that K J stays healthy long enough to finish out his term. Can we even imagine what kind of jackpots this women would get us in if she was in the #1 seat?? Heaven help us; because it is a good possibility.

Car-mella is nothing BUTT a greedy – supersonic narcissistic person.

She has all the streets in Washington D C named after her ONE WAY.

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