First comes robbery than murder ……

California retailers plead with officials to crack down on brazen looting: Employees, shoppers ‘traumatized’

Rachel Michelin called for more policing and quicker prosecution to tackle the rampant looting

I may take a few dozen people getting killed by these renegades before the city father and MOTHERS open their eyes to the severity of the situatinon.

Their commonsense or rationality levels are completely obliterated and do not exist.

Any fool that would allow these kinds of out of control conditions to exist, when they have the authority to do something about it; there is not explanation for their incompetency.

Crime rings are paying low-level crooks to carry out 'smash and grab' raids  on luxury stores | Daily Mail Online
Animals do not act like this

The violence and destruction has to happen to their own before they open their eyes to reality.


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