Come on ladies, get in step with the rest of the platoon …

Tucker Carlson: We’re in for a whole new pandemic

Omicron has caused existential terror, and will inevitably lead to more lockdowns for those who refuse to get the vaccine

Like our D I would scream at all the stupid recruits in our platoon: Come ladies get your pathetic ass on board. Just one ass hole makes you all look like shit.

From the beginning; I wanted to do my part as a team player. I don’t give a one fuck about the government (they certainly don’t give a shit about us); I care about doing my part to help eradicate this monster.

It seems; as a result of many foolish people not getting the shots for personal reasons, we can not seem to get a handle on killing the beast.

I hear all kinds of conversation about not trusting the government. These people are 99.9% right, I don’t trust them worth a shit myself.

I do not and never have believed in government control, but I do believe in being a team player for the rest of mankind. Anyone that does not get the shots is not a team player and is only delaying, perpetuating the misery that we are now experiencing.

I say fuck the government and mandates, become a team player and do it for your kids – grandkids – your friends and family. If the decenters continue down this very dangerous path, we may never put Mr. Corona in a pine box where he belongs.

Pretty simple – If you believe (GOD HATES A COWARD) – it is not a matter of how big and tough you may think you are; this son-of-a-bitch is more powerful than all of us put together.

Just the tip of the ice-pick; the power of the invisible killer …..

Posted on 04/21/2020 by The Goomba Gazette

If you think you are a tough guys or gals; chew on this. Mr. Corona has proven himself to be one of the, if not, the most powerful adversary mankind has EVER come across. ANDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD; you bad ass, non-conformists think you are going to beat him.

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