Here we go again – just another TOKEN …..

Kamala Harris, Michelle Obama are Democrats’ top 2024 picks if Biden doesn’t run: poll

Biden would be 81 on Election Day in 2024 — but would turn 82 soon after

Here we go again – just another TOKEN ….. Not who is best qualified, BUTT who is the most popular among the fools.

Not because Michelle is a qualified person, BUTT only since she shacked up with TMC for years, her name is being tossed around for the presidency in 2924. GMAFB

Just because Alexis Ohanian is married to Serina Williams, it does not me the guy is a good tennis player.

We all know who were the short skivvies in that house.

Off the subject; I have to bet that Serina’s father was not too pleased when she married a white Dude. It is no secret, just like Michelle, the old man has/had no love for white people. They both wear it on their sleeve.


I can’t say I disagree or blame with Richard for his feelings; he had a rough way to go growing up in Compton, Calif. He witnessed a lynching, beatings, scores of abuse and hatred leveled at black people.

Who; black or white would not develop a hatred toward another race that abused them so violently. It is only natural.

I would love the opportunity to speak to the American people and tell them; (this is why I do my blog, hoping to make a difference) all of the hate an animosity they carry around is not healthy. Can we change the past??? Foolish question, just like the people that keep reliving it. Can we take a different course in the future??? Absolutely YES. That is what all Americans should strive for. As a matter of fact, the entire world. Would it not be fantastic if ALL people in the world could put aside what happened yesterday (NOT FOGET – PUT ASIDE) and just focus on a harmonious future!!!

There are scores of people I dislike, white, black or any other race, BUTT I dislike them for good reasons as individuals not as an entire race. I know some exceptional good black people and some scumbag white BUMS. I take people on their own individual merits/characteristics, not as an entire race.

I would hope by this time, Williams has put his racist opinions in the closet. After all; his grandchild is half white.

As extremely difficult as it is; the only way to overcome our negative thoughts is to put them in the closet and shut the door. Never forget the past; but try not to repeat/relive it constantly. It is like cancer that eats us up inside.

Getting back to the hypocrisy of politics; candidates are not selected for the qualifications, they are chosen because of who they are – who their daddy is – who they are shacking up with ANDDDD

Kanye West 2020 presidential campaign – Wikipedia › wiki › Kanye_West_2020_pr…

Kanye West announced his 2020 United States presidential election campaign through Twitter on July 4, 2020, Independence Day. On July 16, 2020, the campaign … WAFJ this guy is

how much they have stashed away in coffee cans in their back yard – who their clothing designer is and what kind of ride the ride in, along with a multitude of other foolish reasons BUTT none of the right ones.

This guy, yours truly is more qualified than 90% of the fools that run for office.

Possibly I will throw my Campaign Hat in the ring next go-round. Can’t do much worse than who is occupying the office now.


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